Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's Saturday...

Hi Folks...I can hardly believe it's Saturday already...halfway through my latest Fiskars adventure...the busiest day of the show when hundreds and hundreds of crafty folks descend on The NEC to spend their crafty's usually pretty manic and jammed packed in the aisles which means that a trip to the loo or to grab a quick coffee requires Olympic stamina...why is it that everyone seems to be travelling in the opposite's a real stick out your elbows...excuse me...excuse me...excuse me journey.
But it's time to share another "catch-up" crafty project and this was one of those crafty sagas.
I can't be the only crafter that buys something on a spur of the moment whim and once you get it home you have second thoughts...that old "what on earth possessed me" feeling and that's what happened with this embossing folder...
it was the cute lollipop type flowers that caught my eye but once I embossed it...I wasn't so sure and after a messy inky and brayering session...
it definitely wasn't floating any boats but I was determined this boy wasn't going to end up consigned to the back of a drawer never used and gathering dust so bloated from much coffee and almost bald from the head scratching...finally I had something I liked...

but this can't just be a one-trick pony so I'll be putting my thinking cap on for more "apres Birmingham" ideas and remember my Melt Pot dilemma...well you should have known that I wouldn't be able to resist a little play...
so I'll see you all tomorrow to share my "lots of fun with the Melt Pot " tag.
Hugs Kath 


  1. ...your experimenting brught you fabby results, this card is so awesome Kath, I love it, the texture and fabulous colour palette are great and so love your utee bits too, looking forward to seeing results here too, have a super day today...Melxx :)

  2. The card is fab Kath just shows what perseverance can do! Have a fun day today! Hugs Susan x

  3. Love it...I am so glad you stuck with is a beauty!

  4. Hi Kath, not seen the folder before but I love it and what you have done with it is fabulous! If it was that busy yesterday, almost glad we did not make it, hoping the weather improves by tomorrow, still snowing hard here. Hope you have a good day. Hugs, Anne x

  5. Love the contemporary look of your card. I have loads of these sitting in a drawer I think I need to get them out and play

  6. Fabulous card Kath. Love the design and colours.
    Have a good day
    Lorraine x

  7. fab card Kath.Hope you are keeping warm in Birmingham.hardly any snow in my part of Cheshire.Can't believe our luck X

  8. this looks amazing - and I'm looking forward to seeing more melting pot creations xx

  9. The card is stunning Kath - the tone on tone works so well. Looking forward to your post on the melt pot. Take care coming home.
    Heather W

  10. Wow, what a fantastic card Kath. I think you'll need a dram to-night, medicinal use you understand. Looking forward to your safe return. I really hope Anne R makes it and give her a Hug from me. Hugs Rita xxx

  11. Love what you did with that folder, great card!

  12. a beautiful effect. all the experimenting has paid off. Elaine

  13. It's brilliant Kath!

  14. It certainly does look like you had fun with the melt pot. The lollipop flowers look good with their neutral colouring so I'd agree that about that one floating the boat.
    Paula (PEP)

  15. Hi Kath, You've blown a hole in the saying 'You can't make a silk purse...'etc. The folder didn't do much for me until you got your mitts on it! Love the neutral colours, pure brilliance once again. Can't wait to read the melting pot post
    Take care

  16. Great card Kath, I knew you wouldn't be defeated by an embossing folder!

    Loving the results of your experiments with the melting pot.

    Kat xx

  17. Woke up this morning to a winter wonderland again (Oxfordshire) so glad in a way that I didn't plan to go to the NEC this year. Hope you are keeping warm up there in Birmingham. As a hardy Scott you must be used to all this white stuff - but it's supposed to be Spring! Hope you have a safe journey home. X

  18. Sorry Kath but I have to say I love that folder. Can you tell me who's it is please? I love your card, glad you persevered with it. Love your melting pot bits as well.Take care Hugs x ChrisB


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