Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shiver Me Timbers at The NEC...

Hi's hard to believe that a week has gone by since I was sitting on the plane in slightly chilly Aberdeen waiting for the de-icing man to do his stuff and get on my way to what I thought would be warmer climes at The NEC...
but I can't begin to describe how cold it was when we landed in Birmingham...for someone who lives hundreds of miles nearer the Arctic Circle and is used to the cold...I was ill prepared for the biting icy blast never occurred to me to pack my Nanook Of The North cosy winter jacket or suitable footwear..shiver me timbers and no mistake and the halls at The NEC weren't much better...with all the doors standing wide open to allow the retailers to unload their stock it was teeth chattering shivery...setting up the tables and chairs...unpacking the tools box and sorting out workshop kits isn't easy when you're still dressed in outdoor gear and reluctant to remove your cosy gloves...nothing else for it but to have frequent trips to the lovely and warm on site restaurant for mugs of hot chocolate to fight off the hypothermia...
by the time I got to the hotel I was chilled to the bone...time to wallow in a hot bath until circulation was restored...normally I find my room too warm and turn off the radiator...on this occasion I had the thermostat bumped up as far as it would go and even enquired about a hot water bottle...I might have known that was a request too far for the lovely "nothing is too much trouble" staff at The Hilton...Health & Safety...burst bottle...wet bed and scalded guest put the scuppers on that. But worse was to come on Thursday night...the wind was so bad that my patio door rattled all night and I'm darned if I could find the gap that the wind was whistling through and Friday morning brought an even bigger surprise...a snowy winter wonderland...
and a slippery slidey stroll to work...
with my lovely Fiskars teamie Hina and believe me I would have mugged her for her cosy Nanook Of The North Coat and boots if I thought they would have fitted...
and you would have thought that once all those crafty folks had packed into the hall...things would have improved...not a it was time for drastic measures...they do say that layers are the way to go so I tucked my shirt into my 2 pairs of knickers and wore 2 pairs of socks along with pop least my feet and bum were slightly warmer than the rest of me.
But it wasn't all doom and gloom...there's nothing like lots of fun and laughter with crafty buddies to help you keep your chin was great to meet up with friends Enfys and Carol finally meet my bloggy buddy Anne and my Fiskarette buddy Pia from Finland who brought "woohoo" CHOCOLATE and to spend a fabulous fun Friday wintry evening squashed on a comfy sofa with my Fiskars teamies...Hina and bestest crafty buddy Enfys and the lovely Sue and Julie from Craftwork Cards....missing them all already.
I'll be back tomorrow to share my "had no intentions of buying anything apart from stocking up essentials" "had to sit on the suitcase to get it closed" crafty purchases.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oh Kath, you are so funny had me giggling there for a while!

  2. Brrrr you are making me feel cold just reading this Kath! Susan xx

  3. Now that is tooooo cold...brr. Great photos though! I know just what. you mean about not buying...I do it all the time usually after I have said to my Hb.....I will use some of my papers before i buy any more...LOL.Looking forward to seeing your extra luggage. keep warm, it's still bitterly cold isn't it x

  4. It was so lovely to meet up with you too, Kath. Hope you have warmed up now. No snow here, thank goodness. But still a icy cold wind.

    Take care and stay warm

    Big Hugs Carol x

  5. Hi Kath, I am sorry to report that it is still just as cold down here, icy winds and lots of snow. It was so lovely to meet up with you, albeit briefly. You must be glad to be home and feeling warmer now, hope Buddy gave you a good welcome. Hugs, Anne x

  6. Had to chuckle over your two pairs of knickers - definitely not fun though when it's that cold. Glad you survived to tell the tale.......curious about what got into your suitcase though.......
    Paula (PEP)

  7. I live on the edge of the Chilterns in Oxfordshire and at night it is often -10C here! Will not be taking my thermals off yet awhile....Keep warm. X

  8. Hi Kath, I bet what I know you'll pack next time. Poor you. Here in Lancashire we had snow drifts and bitter cold. I've never been warm much at all. As soon as the heatings off I go freezing again, it's really bitter cold. Looking forward to your new goodies. Keep warm Hugs x ChrisB

  9. Definitely a story to tell, and so glad you made it note to self, check on weather reports before packing! Sounds like it was an adventure! Thanks for visiting my desk today, waving hi from the hills of North carolina ♥

  10. Hi,

    It was so great to meet you all our British Fiskarette-sisters. And I'm glad you enjoyed the chocolate <3

    It was so funny to read about the weather as we Finns thought first when we arrived on Thursday that we had taken too much clothes with us. But it seems that we were only prepared for the snow that followed us from Finland *LOL*

    But despite the coldness I hope we were able to leave behind some warm thoughts! And if you wish to feel the real winter you are always welcome to visit me here in Finnish Lapland!

    Smiles and warm thoughts from Finland,


  11. Wow Kath, sounds like you had a cold few days down south. Bet you were glad to get home to your warm, snuggly, furry boy!

    Kat xx


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