Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What A Day...

Hi folks...thanks for all your comments yesterday....I knew you would all feel exactly the same as I do but sadly this was not an isolated incident...many animals suffer the same fate at Copenhagen Zoo and a large part of their revenue comes from selling tickets to the public for the regular autopsy freak shows...honestly words fail me and if ever there was a reason for closing this disgusting establishment down...this is it.
But frustrating as it is...time to remind myself that there are many things in life beyond my control...time is one of them...the middle of the week already and the weather is another...what a difference a day makes...the sun has gone to be replaced by this...
perfect weather for being shut away in the cubbyhole catching up with the last minute projects with the joiners working away in the background or so I thought but a little accident put paid to those plans...chief hunky joiner managed to slash his hand with a stanley knife...his face went as white as a sheet...crikey I thought he was going to faint and it was far too deep for the cubbyhole first aid kit so off we went to A&E for a make it all better patch up job. I've got a feeling the rest of the week is going to fly in and I may be burning the midnight oil to keep up with the list of crafty stuff still to do but the Fiskars samples are in the bag...
just need to get them packed up and stashed in the suitcase ready for the off and oh dear poor old Mr Dyson has yet another "tidy up the punched debris" job on his hands today...
I'll be dashing off to the hairdresser to get the old barnet sorted out for my Stitches Holibobs...after weeks of frantic production line stuff...believe me...4 days standing behind a desk playing with Mr Fuse is definitely going to feel like a holiday and barring any more mishaps getting stuck in to the DT projects for the to take and posts to schedule but where oh where do I start...which collection from this gorgeous pile of Craftwork Cards goodies will take my fancy...
and I've managed to sneak in another little bit of homework from the Stenciled Online Class...
Texture and Dimension with Paste
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Really beautiful card Kath, I hope that zoo closes down soon, it really is too barbaric and reading it all has upset me greatly. Some peeps are just cruel, and to me doing that to such a beautiful peaceful creature is cruel - it seems to be all about the money at that place. Keep warm xx

  2. Hi Kath, I didn't comment yesterday, you said it all. Human beings never cease to amaze me, they are capable of doing anything. Your samples are beautiful as is your stencil card. You have been very busy, shame about the joiner hopefully he can still get on with your decorating. No snow here yet and winter doesn't feel quiet the same so far, the kids have been looking for some white stuff for their sledges. Have a no accident day...Trish

  3. So much gorgeousness in this post! Except for that first picture... I am soooo over snow! lol.
    We've got some too, and I'm so glad I didn't have to do the 45 minute each way school run hike this morning!
    Have fun playing with the Fuse this weekend! x

  4. The weather is crazy...your cards are Beautiful Kath, I hope the joiner's hand will soon be on the mend...Have lots of fun at the Stitches show....Hugs May x x x

  5. Hi Kath poor hunky joiner, hope he's okay today. The samples are gorgeous, but after a really bad fall in snow a few years ago , I am not missing it at all.x

  6. wonderful work Kath - and look at all that snow - wow - my kids think its a winter wonderland xx

  7. It is lovely to look at the snow, from a distance! Love your beautiful samples and your stencils homework is gorgeous. Hope the joiner's day goes better today. Hugs, Anne x

  8. Take care of those hunky men and stay safe and warm. Gorgeous makes

  9. Beautiful samples and a great stencil class card. What a difference in your neighborhood pictures from day to day! I was shocked to know that goes on all the time at that zoo. I wonder if they have a cruelty to animals law. If someone did that here they would be prosecuted.

  10. Lovely card Kath, glad you have the snow and not us. Mind you we have had heavy rain and gales all day. Have fun at the Stitches Show. Take care. Hugs x ChrisB

  11. Oh wow Kath, they are all amazing. X


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