Sunday, October 12, 2014

A little birdie told me...

Hi's Sunday and with another busy week under my belt I'm looking forward to a chill out day with the Sunday crosswords...lazing on the sofa catching up on some TV favourites but I will miss the "could snooze on a clothes rope "Furry Boy resting his head on my lap...the vet is pleased with his progress but jumping up on to the sofa is definitely a NO NO at the moment and there's still a way to go before he'll be let loose to charge around the forest like a lunatic again but he's the perfect patient and takes everything in his stride...looks like he's loving his new comfy cosy day bed which is more than can be said for the daily dose of anti-inflammatory medicine...crikey the minute he sees the syringe...he's off with me in hot pursuit until I can rugby tackle him into submission and administer said potion...
but back to the crafty stuff and the project I made for this month's Fiskars Newsletter with an Autumn theme...

and my lovely buddy Mary and her sister Jackie have been busy making Christmas Wreaths and aren't they the choice of papers and that beautiful centrepiece...a golden shimmery poinsettia which you can find HERE at The Ribbon Girl.

See you all tomorrow when I'll be sharing another spooky creation
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Good morning Kath. Love today's make, and those wreaths are gorgeous. Poor Buddy having a while to go before he can have a good run about !!! He does seem to be liking his new bed, it's funny how if his meds came in dog treat form he would be their like a shot. Harris is the same. Enjoy your day.
    Hazel x

  2. enjoy your day of rest Kath - Buddy looks very comfy on his little day bed! My sister will be thrilled when I show her that the wreath she made is on your blog! Mary x

  3. Buddy looks so comfy on his new made me chuckle with the 'rugby tackle' comment.
    The tag looks super and the wreaths made by your readers look fab.
    Have a restful day.
    Toni xx

  4. Wow Kath, Buddy's day bed is fabulous, it looks very comfortable and he clearly loves it! I love the layering on your tag and the lovely Autumnal feel to it.

    Mary and Jackie have done a superb job of their Christmas wreaths, the papers are gorgeous. Hope you have a lovely relaxing day Kath. Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Poor little Buddy (well maybe not little)!! Your piccy of him makes the heart melt, don't you just want him to understand human talk so he knows whats going on.

    Beautiful makes.

    Warm crafty hugs from Shirl x x x

  6. Kath, if your dog likes milk you could mix his meds with that, they'll disappear before you can say syringe!

  7. Poor buddy! Sounds like a similar ordeal we have to go through with our daughter whenever she needs any kind of medication!

    And a gorgeous, gorgeous tag. love it. x

  8. Stunningly beautiful wreaths! Buddy's new day bed is quite elegant!! I so love visiting your blog.

  9. Poor Buddy, he looks like he's resting well, and very comfortably on his lovely new bed. I hope he feels better soon and your purse gets a wee rest from the vets too. Love the birdy tag Kath and the big poinsettia is gorgeous.
    hugs Alexandra x

  10. Oh Buddy, glad to hear you are getting better. Soon you will be running around again. Sending hugs.

  11. Hi Kath, poor Buddy not a lot of fun for him at the moment but he does look comfy. Love the little birdie tag and the wreath is gorgeous x

  12. Awww lots of cuddles for Buddy,that bed does look soooo comfy though bless him.Love the creations and those wreaths are

  13. I love the darling tag and the wreath is beautiful. Well done.

  14. All wonderful creations, Kath.

    Buddy looks so contented on his new bed...well, until the next encounter with that dreaded syringe!

    Jennifer. x