Friday, October 3, 2014

Such Willpower...

Hi's that time of year again...when the cubbyhole crew get together to work their magic on the Fiskars Kitting Marathon for the NEC but there was a slight problem for one of the team (any ideas who that could have been) when our lovely postie came a-knocking with one super duper "I'm so excited" first DT parcel of goodies from Inspiration Emporium..
and can you believe that this delicious bundle arrived on Monday...that's almost 120 long hours ago and so far I've managed to resist...unbelieveable willpower on my part don't you think...the Fiskars production line was going great guns...chopping corrugated cardboard into 280 usable pieces...ably assisted by my trusty Fiskars Procision Trimmer...this lad is worth his weight in gold...
until we ran out of cardboard boxes requiring a quick trip across to The Papeterie to beg steal or borrow some more and fitting in a "killing 2 birds with one stone" task...a messy inky spritzing session...why mess up your own work space when I'm unlikely to be changing the colour of any of the walls in The Papeterie's large workshop area...
the faster we finish the kitting marathon and send the kits on their way to Birmingham...the sooner I'll be having some "kid in a sweetie shop" playtime with my IE goodies...also my goody bag from The Retreat plus a couple of items that just happened to fall in to my basket...
such willpower...I must have had a knock to the head...either that or am I turning over a new leaf...
See you all tomorrow to share what we made at Sunday's first workshop at The Retreat
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Am drooling Kath - such lovely new goodies and your new wonderful Sir Tim stamps - I couldn't help myself if I had these! Karen x

  2. Ooooh lovely goodies! You are being restrained.

    Cazzy x

  3. Wow, super goodies. I would probably put them away to prevent temptation and then forget where I'd put them.
    Thank you for the reply about the sticky on cutting blades.
    Toni xx

  4. Hi Kath so many wonderful goodies, they will keep you busy for quite sometimex

  5. Ha ha, some willpower! I really was restrained at Port Sunlight today.... but a few of the new stains just jumped into my basket, all by themselves..... lol. Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Your project looks exciting! I loved the wreath from yesterday