Friday, June 26, 2015

Flipping Nora...

Hi folks...Flipping Nora...hard to believe we're only a few days away from July but I wish someone would inform the's been more like Autumn in my neck of the woods...I'm still wearing my red duvet winter coat with the hood up for our chiily and wet early morning crazy is's supposed to be Summer for goodness sake.
And on the subject of's been all go in the cubbyhole this week...the Fiskars Workshop project for the NEC in NOVEMBER is in the bag...the step-by-steps are done and...
I'm on a roll sourcing the required pun intended but I was determined there would be NO repeat of last year's "beg steal borrow and chop up" cardboard boxes adventure...why would you when you can get a ready made "cheap as chips" bumper bundle of the corrugated stuff from HERE...
the Christmas magazine commission is waiting to be parceled up and sent on it's way...
and the projects for the workshops at The Papeterie on the 8th August will "fingers crossed" be finished tomorrow. Before you ask I'm not on steroids...the reason for the crazy frantic crafting frenzy is all about getting ahead of the game before favourite sporting event of the year...I'm hell bent on clearing the crafty list ready for 2 weeks of couch potato "anyone for tennis/strawberries and cream/and the occasional Pimms" indulgence. So with that in mind...must dash.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Looking great Kath. No worries re the weather there us a heatwave en route...32c by mid week..woop woop. I am also so excited as we have tickets for Wimbledon. ....double woop woop. Enjoy your weekend xx

  2. Perhaps Mother Nature was trying to help your Christmas crafting by supplying suitable weather???
    The snippets above look super.
    As Jane has said - heatwave forecast for next week...I'm wondering how many more trains will break down on my line because it will surely be "the wrong type of heat" LOL
    Toni xx

  3. Well here in Edinburgh today, Kath and Buddy, we have some sunshine, wonder how long it will last! Loving your sneaky peaks look superb as ever, and am intrigued with the corrugated and hugs xxxx

  4. You've been busy Kath! I hope you get to watch lots of Wimbledon. I'm getting concerned about your weather too. I'm going to a wedding in Aberdeen 2 weeks today - what do I wear! I'm off out to buy an outfit today, think I might have to forgo the thoughts of a summer dress and op for trousers.

  5. Just a word of Thanks! Who knew corrugated came in rolls! Have found a site in the USA with reasonable shipping too. Woo hoo love the sneak peeks and your cards are always inspiring. Hugs

  6. Great sneak peeks Kath! I think you deserve a couple of weeks on the sofa after all your hard work. I hope the weather picks up here too, they say it is going to be hot next week - we'll see! Hugs, Anne xx


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