Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I'm In a right old guddle...

Hi've probably noticed there's been a lack of crafty stuff on the old blog for the last couple of weeks and I'm holding my hands a nutshell I'm in a right old guddle...that's what happens when you're spinning lots of plates at once...trying to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that = unfinished chaos everywhere. I've failed miserably with my Summer of Creative Chemistry homework so far and this month's tag for "12 Tags" will probably be a "rushing at the last minute" affair. The weather's put a real damper on my planting plan for the garden make-over so I'm going with lots of pots for now...

 but they've taken a bit of a battering from the last 2 weeks of torrential rain...

 the hanging baskets are looking as forlorn as I feel...
 the clematis which is usually a riot of colour by now is struggling to put on a happy face...
only the ferns are happy in the Amazonian Jungle monsoon conditions...
and the cubbyhole's been deserted while I've been busy elsewhere...there was the cubbyhole den make-over which still requires some finishing touches...a rug and some new picture frames...
and as per usual...the "why stop at freshening up one room" syndrome has kicked in and I've moved on to the little hallway with the kitchen next on the list...
the DIY has taken care of my mornings and the afternoons have been all about's great to see my hero back on form and playing great tennis again...
Will it be a Murray/Federer final and can Roger clinch his 8th Wimbledon title? Hopefully next week I'll be back in the crafting game and able to spend some Summer Holiday fun time with the grandkiddies.
See you later
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. A bit of sunshine and I'm sure your pots will perk up. There has certainly been a lot of rain recently.
    Enjoy your tennis and don't over do all the DIY.
    Toni xx

  2. Kath glad you are relaxing and enyoing the tennis, you are such a busy lady.

  3. Sometimes you have to cut yourself some slack Kath. But your Wonder Woman in every sense of the word. Please send me some of your energy ASAP. As you know I'm a big tennis fan too and would love a Murray/ Federer final, well soo know. Hugs Rita xxxx

  4. You have certainly been spinning lots of plates Kath and it's such a shame the weather has been so bad. Think the sun is making an appearance tomorrow so fingers crossed x
    Looking forward to the tennis today x sadly I am working Sunday so will have to record the final and somehow avoid the news !!!

    Enjoy !!!!

    Hugs Annie x

  5. Fingers crossed for the final, your home and garden are looking so nice, chill out time I think

  6. Well, if anyone can spin all those plates it is you my friend! Our garden looks much the same but an hour or two sunshine here and there seems to be perking things up a bit, hopefully the same will happen for you. Those bare walls would look even more fantastic with some of your wonderful artwork on them.... just saying.... don't overdo things! Hugs, Anne xx

  7. Hi Kath, sorry about Federa, not this year. Your garden looks beautiful and loving the plants. Enjoy the rest of the tennis and I hope you can get back to your cubby hole soon.
    Linda xxx