Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Naked Crafter...

Hi Everyone...don't worry I haven't been crafting in the buff only because I don't want to be arrested for offending public decency but believe me with the scorchio temperatures of the last 2 days...I've been sorely tempted...the cubbyhole's been like a sauna come afternoon so we've been going like the clappers to nail the crafty list in the mornings...knocking off at lunchtime (the joys of being the boss around here) and moving the social media and photography departments outdoors...
 but when you can't remove your fur have to find a shady spot to snooze...
Well done to all the folks who guessed what was in my "happy mail" parcel...woohoo Crazy Dogs and Mini Cats and Dogs have made it safely across the pond and have now taken up residence in the cubbyhole...
a huge huge thank you to Tim and Mario for their kind and generous hearts and also to Kristina Werner who has done an amazing job illustrating these adorable dudes...
and if like've been feeling a bit hot under the collar...pop this guy in the fridge overnight and have the perfect facial "cool down" spritzer...
But two days of sunshine does not a Summer make and guess looks like normal service will be resumed soon because the usual crappy weather is forecast to return today.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Adorable card Kath, you are going to have such fun with these stamps xx

  2. Fabulous card Kath.
    Poor Buddy, he must be so hot but at least he found the shade for his snooze.
    Good tip about the spritzer but just be careful not to absent mindedly pick up one from your desk that may have ink in it...
    Toni xx

  3. Love this card Kath, it is another hot day here in Warrington too. I have windows opened in craft room along with the fan :) Keeping me cool at the moment.
    Linda xxx

  4. Fab card Kath, love it & it's the same here in Glasgow too! Take care & hugs Ann xxx

  5. Last week I was complaining about the rain, this week the heat.... but I wish it would stay just a little bit longer. I love your card Kath, it is brilliant! I made one too and used the one stamp missing from yours... the bulldog! They are great stamps! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Fabulous card Kath, can't wait to get my paws on those Crazy Dogs stamps! Hope the rotten weather passes quickly and you can get back to the garden. Deb xo

  7. Love those Stamps.It is a lot cooler here today with a spot of rain.The dogs are happy running about as usual.Happy Thursday.Huggles and a Huge Cuddle for