Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mrs Organised...

Hi Everyone...I've had my "Mrs Organised" hat on again in the never ending battle to create more space in the cubbyhole caused by the age old problem that most crafters will recognise...yes it's called HOARDING...the need to hold on to stuff that donkey's years old although you know it's unlikely you will ever use it. So I confronted that particular demon and set to work determined to make way for the shed load of new Stampers Anonymous/Sizzix/Idea-ology/Ranger stuff that's being added to the cubbyhole shopping list on a daily basis.
So the weekend began with the first of many purges...stamps and dies were first on the hit list...
and then it was time for some re-organisation of the "Everything Tim Holtz" storage area...previously I had my stamps stored in A4 magazine holders...nightmare to find the set I wanted...the dies were all higgledly piggedly and everything else was just sitting on the shelves and sure as fate...the pot that I wanted was always right at the back which meant moving everything out of the way to get at it so I hit the supermarket and invested in a truck load of clear containers and got busy creating a new "grab and go" system...
filing my TH stamps in themes and then in alphabetical order...
 the dies have had the "filed in alphabetical order" treatment too...
my Distress Spray Stains are now grouped in colour families and when I need a reinker I just have to lift out the box and find the one I want...
 and all my Ranger Mediums are now happily snuggled up together in one place...
 and with a bit of luck I'll get the Decoart section finished today...
a weekend of being ruthless...sorting and labelling has paid off...
and just in time for the first of my "happy mail" arrivals...
which have already been inked...woohoo...woof...woof and I'll be sharing a card with you tomorrow...but if you have no idea what I'm wittering on about...haven't yet twigged what is in this special parcel...here's a little clue...
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Crikey I am organised and have things in themes but alpha is a step too far even for me and belive me organisation should be my middle name but then I don't ahve the number of things you have. Very impressive but are you selling the things you no longer want or are they in a pile somewhere? Its good to have a clear out, I do from time to time and sell a few things, more money for the things I do want x

  2. Well Mrs Organised has been very busy indeed !!!! The shelves are looking good with easy to see and grab storage.
    See you had some Crazy stampin fun as well !!!

    Enjoy the sunshine that's coming our way xxxxx

  3. Very organised Kath. The 'Tim' section looks fab.
    Now would you be hinting that there are now Crazy Dogs in the house? (and I don't mean Buddy).
    Look forward to seeing tomorrows post.
    Toni xx

  4. I think poor Buddy could be getting some competition!

  5. I have craft stash envy... I'd even not mind tidying it all! lol.
    Ohhh, you have the new doggy stamps! Can't wait to see what you do with them. x

  6. Looking good Kath! You've done a good job - bet you feel good now. I store a lot of my bits in clear boxes too xxx

  7. Ooh Kath - those Tim shelves look brilliant can I please come and play with Buddy and your stash? I make awesome chocolate cupcakes hun. Love how you've organised the stamps. You've got me wondering if I can do that with my unmounted and clear stamps. Thank you for the inspiration to organise and de-clutter. I have a hunch mine will take a lot longer though so much mess in such a small room! Have a good week and I can't wait to see your woof woofs! Karen x

  8. Hey Kath,
    There's a good home down here for all your unwanted dies :)
    I'm so glad you've got your doggie stamps...I have mine on pre-order and hope to be getting a phone-call any time now to tell me they've arrived, and then only a couple of months until we get the dies as well...happy times just around the corner!!

    I need to try and see if I can find my worktop in the 'craft room'. I've been moving things from one place to another and I seem to have now a mountain growing where once my work space used to be.

    I was going to have a go at it today but with the tempreature 28c in the shade and hitting 34c in the sun I decided that it was too hot to do much of anything except to check my emails lol.

    Have a great crafty Tuesday everyone and I hope you're all enjoying the weather :)
    Bejay xx

  9. Wow Kath. Are you sure you are not Mary Poppins??? It all looks splendid and organised.Well done.
    Have been trying to sew today, but the heat has got the better of me. Big hug for Buddy. Hugs. Jan.

  10. WOW loving your organisation Kath, I am a very organised myself too and every month I have a sort out and rearrange my goodies to make room for more. I can't wait to see your card woof woof ;)
    Linda xxx

  11. If you ever consider renting yourself out by the hour please let me know - lol! You have done a super job with your re-organisation - David was just saying to me today that I need to have a re-shuffle to fit my new stuff in.... but I am pleased to report that it is far too hot at the moment (did I really say that!!). When it cools off, I will get to it... Hugs, Anne xx

  12. I'm with Anne Kath, free room and board if you want to fly across the pond to Canada and help me out with my hoarded disaster area LOL! Can't wait to see what you did with those wonderful Crazy Dog stamps! Deb xo

  13. I am in the process of re organising since buying storage for crafts large foldaway unit and a triple drawer unit.


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