Saturday, July 16, 2016

Thank you for making me smile...

Hi are probably all as shocked as I am about yesterday's tragic events in Nice...I truly despair of the evil people who share this planet with us and can't help wondering when these atrocities will end...I'm at a complete loss to understand what causes someone to do this...what does it achieve apart from utter devastation and heartaches for the families and friends of those killed. It seems we are saying this more and more now but once again my heart is heavy and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this horrific incident.

But always remember there are more good people in this world than bad and as upsetting as yesterday was...I couldn't help but smile when the postie ran the doorbell and asked if this was where "The Very Handsome" Buddy Stewart lived...
and there was great excitement opening the parcel of belated birthday goodies for His Nibs from our lovely kind blogging buddy Lee...
Thank you so much Lee from me and the postie for making our morning a little brighter and big hugs and snuggles from The Very Handsome Buddy
Enjoy your weekend everyone
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. The tragic events in France touch us all. But when we all stand together to denounce this barbaric behaviour for what it is, we show that we will not be threatened.

    Lovely photo of the very handsome Buddy - what a lovely parcel of goodies.

    Have a good weekend.
    Toni xx

  2. Lovely to have something to make us smile after that terrible tragedy. I hope Buddy loves his pressies espeically the cat photo

  3. I was shocked and upset yesterday hearing yet more heartache has fallen on France through this evil act. My thoughts are with all those affected, so many lives lost and so many broken hearts of the families and friends left behind.

    The addressed envelope and the "posties" enquiry did bring a smile to my face. Buddy is so patient with these treats and a new toy in front of him to pose for his mum's blog photo.
    Enjoy your weekend Kath, I hope it stays dry for your lovely walks, though we had more rain here yesterday, St Swithens day, so according to tradition, we're supposed to get rain for next 40 days .... so no change, just our typical Scottish summer then.
    I hope your weather was better.
    Hugs Alexandra x

  4. Yes Kath so tragic what is becoming of our world it really is so heartbreaking for the people who lost lives and my thoughts go out to the families and the people who managed to escape this tragic event, l agree there are good people in the world.
    On a brighter note so nice of your friend to send Buddy such gorgeous goodies brings a smile to my face hope he enjoyed them take care hope you have a lovely day xx

  5. Hi Kath,
    It is indeed tragic news from Nice, yet more innocent lives lost due to the actions taken by a crazed individual.
    You know, I must be getting cynical in my old age, but I was waiting for the blame to fall on us for leaving the EU as lately, we seem to be getting blamed for everything because of the 'leave' vote (I refuse to use the stupid word people made up to denote our leaving).

    On a happier note, Buddy looks really pleased with his package, and what a nice postie. Years ago, I sent a package to my friend in Lancashire. I wrote 'phjotographs, do not bend' and her local postie wrote underneath, 'oh yes they do!' Of course, he delivered them in pristine condition. WHere have the fun loving posties gone? My regular ust be on holiday this week. This morning the bell rang and there was a different one on the step. I smile and said a cheery goodmorning to him and all he did was thrust the box in my hand and turned to walk away without a word!!!

    My sister has a new arrival into her home. She moved from Newquay to a village just outside Spalding. I think it was around an 8 hour trip and the car was shared with two dogs and a cat. She kept the cat inside for a few days and he seemed to be getting used to the place, then one day he got scared while he was out and ran off never to be seen again. Yesterday the new kitty arrived...and my sis has decided to call him..wait for it...Mouse!!
    Bejay xx

  6. Hi Kath and Buddy,glad to see the parcel arrived ok.Like so many of us,I was Stunned and very upset by the tragic events in Nice,my heart goes out to all those ordinary families who have lost their children and other loved one's on what was supposed to be such a Happy Day.It is so important that we make each other smile and show our friendship.Yet another lovely pic of the quite rightly Handsome Buddy,sorry about the toy,but it did make me laugh.Huge Hugs and Huge Cuddles for

  7. Oh wow--just the perfect post to help us realize the world isn't all bad even though it seems like it lately. He is indeed most handsome!

  8. It is so hard to comprehend such atrocity and man's inhumanity to man... it is heartbreaking....

    What a lovely way to be cheered up though, Buddy's parcel looks amazing and he is, indeed, a very handsome boy.... Big hugs to you both, Anne xxx

  9. Terrible atrocity in France Kath x how sweet for Buddy to have his own parcel it

    Hugs Annie x

  10. France was once again a heart ache for everyone and I have no idea how those affected will continue. I have no idea why this keep happening and I regularly feel at a loss and sick to my heart.
    What a wonderful friend to send Buddy those goodies - it really does make ones heart smile that there are good peeps in this world even though those evil ones are out there. Karen x


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