Monday, March 20, 2023

Tim Holtz/Tonic Rotary Media Trimmer

Hi my friends, I was super excited when the brand new amazing Tim Holtz/Tonic Studios 12.5" Rotary Media Trimmer arrived in the cubbyhole and couldn't wait to put it through it's paces. It has a small footprint so can fit easily on my workdesk, is very lightweight, the extending ruler arms allow for easy cutting of 12 x 12 card and papers, the geared blade sharpens itself using friction and the blade carriage moves effortlessly along the aluminium rod to cut, either from the top down or the bottom up.

For more information about the Rotary Media Trimmer, I wouild recommend you watch Tim's You Tube Live launch HERE where he answers all of the questions you might have. I love my Tim Holtz/Tonic Studios Guillotine Trimmers but there are certain surfaces that require a bit of muscle to cut and others that are a definite "no way can I cut that - so I'm slamming the brakes on" decision. 
I gathered lots of substrates and it's time to share my fun "OK, let's see what you can do" adventure. I started off with my favourite substrates, Tim Holtz Distress Watercolor/Kraft/Black/White and Mixed Media HeavyStock which I bulk buy in 8.5" x 11" sheets and trim down to make A2 panels to stock up my grab and go box but it can be a bit tedious cutting one sheet at a time. Now this cutting wizard has arrived, I sliced through 3 sheets at a time, each cut perfectly clean and super smooth, definitely a time saving game changer. A couple of cuts in and I'm already addicted to the sharp, crisp noise it makes as it effortlessly slices all in it's path.
The adventure continued with Sizzix Matboard, previously a big challenge, Sizzix Texture Roll and Sculpting Foam, Idea-ology Textured Surfaces and Grunge Board (long since retired), die storage Magnet Sheets (backed with card for stability), Burlap Paper and it sliced through them all like a hot knife through butter.
The 24 million dollar question was - would it cut 12" x 12" sheets of HeavyWeight Acetate which is very thick and sturdy enough to make acetate card blanks and the camera doesn't lie my friends. It made short work of trimming the sheet in half and then once scored and folded, trimmed the double thickness to create a 5.1/2" square acetate card. I'm mightly relieved that the struggle to cut Heavyweight Acetate is over.

It's not intended to cut thin substrates but, you know me, anything that saves me time. I needed some shredded paper to put in my Easter Treat Bags which I'll be sharing later on Simon Says Monday Challenge, so I folded tissue paper multiple times and trimmed the thinest slivers to create my own.
The Tim Holtz/Tonic Studios Rotary Media Trimmer does exactly what it says on the tin, is a great addition to my Tonic Studios Trimmer family, me and this new resident are definitely going to be best friends. I'll be back soon to share my DT project for Simon Says Monday Challenge.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Wow Kath this really does the trick, looks amazing and it must be a great asset in any craft room, enjoy, as I am sure you will. I may have to wait for Christmas to grab one of these.xx

  2. Thank you for sharing the information about these cutters Kath I will certainly go and look at Tim's self shapening cutter I've had for nearly 20 years it still gives a sharp and crisp cut but its very big so it would be nice to have somethintg that is smaller..



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