Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another Jaunt Away

It's Sunday - but where is it written that us crafters work Monday to Friday. Another busy week ahead - since I started this crafting malarkey what other kind is there?
Lots of card orders to finish, ironing to catch up on (wouldn't tell this to just anyone but my ironing pile looks like Mt Everest) house needs a little bit of TLC and some meals to cook to tide my "Billy No Cook" husband over while I'm away and most important, blog candys to send out.
Off to Nottingham on Sunday for a Fiskars Training Day - goody goody...lots of new products to play with and a chance to catch up with my Fiskar Filly mates, Lorraine, Karen, Ros and Margaret. Only thing is there are never enough hours in a day to play with all these new things.
I am going to be VERY NAUGHTY now but later in the week I hope to be able to share with you all the latest news in my crafty life...I am cock-a-hoop, over the moon and like a kid in a sweet shop. WATCH THIS SPACE......


Lainy's Little Blog said...

I'm curious! I'm sure it is something really fantastic. Sounds as though you are going to be having a very busy week. I'm hoping to post your candy very soon!

Carol said...

Hi Kath, hope you have a good time at the Fiskars thingy! My ironing basket is like the leaning tower of Pisa ha ha :) i hate ironing!
Wondering if it's for the same reason that i'm mega excited as well? You should get your PIF candy tomorrow by the way, it got posted on Saturday.
Looks like the party was fun :)
Carol x

weekend-crafter said...

So am I a Fiskar Filly now or should that be Frilly? Can't wait until we all meet up again, I will have your drink waiting for you at the bar. Can't believe i missed your goodies, all because of Monty. Anyway can u please explain to me what a cock-a-hoop is? Must be a scottish thing never heard of it, anyway don't forget those papers and I won't forget ur chocolate. See you soon Mrs xox Karen xox

Kath Stewart said...

Well now - to explain cock-a-hoop...I suppose it's just a Scottish saying for excited. Luckily for you all I didn't get so excited that I was fair trickit
or jist birlin'.

Now you probably think I am completely mad.