Sunday, April 6, 2008

I'm Back

Sorry I haven't been blog hopping this week - just got back tonight from "Pins and Needles" at Newcastle Metro Radio Arena. Had a great show, lots of laughs and met some great crafters - what a fun bunch. Couldn't figure out why my feet were always freezing until one customer pointed out that we were actually standing on the ice rink. Managed to pick up some great stash - the new Laura Ashley Collection (absolutely gorgeous) we were the only stand selling it and it went like hot cakes - so I grabbed mine the first day. Can't wait to play. My feet are still at ice rink temperature so am off to bed now with my hot water bottle and my cuddly buddy who loves to sleep with his head on my feet (that's the dog) just in case you think I have a weird husband. Normal service (blogwise) will be resumed as soon as possible.
Unfortunately I am the old bird on the right - just wish I was the tall skinny one on the left.



weekend-crafter said...

Hiya Kath

By the sounds of things you and Lorraine had a brilliant time, I'm jealous but not about the cold feet. Can't wait until we all meet up again and yes I still have kept you some of my easter egg, it's locked away so the kids can't get at it. Nice to see your back xox Karen xox

Lorraine Robertson said...

From one ice block to another. Pics turned out great & what a pleasure it was to have you by my side. You're a superstar.

Love ya loads
Lorraine xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kath>>>Nice to meet you:)looks like you had a great time:)