Thursday, April 24, 2008

ArteyPico Award

I have just been given the "ArteyPico" award from Vicky...thanks Vicky it's very much appreciated.As I have already been given this award and it's very difficult to choose just 5 people who deserve to win this, I have decided to award it to a great bunch of gals...who inspire me.......who make me laugh and who are all as nutty as I am......have you guessed yet......they are.....
Consider yourselves awarded girls - what have I done? ....scenes of much merriment in the camp spring to mind!!!!


  1. Lol!! Thanks, Kath! Going to the team blog to see these scenes of merriment!! lol ;o)

    Heather xx

  2. Hi
    Don't think there will be a lot of merriment from Allison this morn.

  3. I am here I am fine(ish) but computer not- think a trip to pc hospital is called for!


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