Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why am I always chasing my tail?

Why am I always chasing my tail? Well the truth of the matter is I get distracted. Lots of card orders to finish and what do I do....just quickly go on the computer to check e-mails and then I think I will have a quick look on my fav blogs to see what everyone is up to and that's it... before you know it an hour is gone and then I have to go like the clappers to catch up.
Well this morning was no exception but...am I glad I did....Michelle at
Poppicrafts has just opened her new online shop and wow....you must go and have a peek...have your credit card at the ready....gorgeous ribbons, embellishments, flowers etc all at fantastic prices.
Please don't blame me if you can't resist temptation.

1 comment:

Anice said...

Don't do this to me! The ribbons on this site are to die for...I've only just had a delivery of some. I can feel another purchase coming on!
Anice xx