Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fiskars Frolics

Just arrived home from the Fiskars Training Day in Nottingham - well it's called "Training" but to us crafters it's just being allowed to play all day - trying out all the new products and fab goodies - great fun and a crafter's dream - 2 things we love to do...play and chat. Great to meet up with friends old and new and catch up on all the goss in the craft world.
A big thank you to Jill for another wonderful day.
Sorry didn't have time to take pics when the craft mojo got going but believe me when Fiskars Fillies get crafting the tables disappear under piles of stuff... can you believe there is such a thing as messy crafters!
Some pics from the rogues gallery and believe me some are bigger rogues than others - you know who you are - no naming names here.
My favourite Fiskars Fillies or 2 - Mad Mares - my crafty mates Karen & Lorraine - thanks for looking after the old girl, for all the laughter and fun and thankfully no little accidents this time.


weekend-crafter said...

Thanks for this Kath, NOT. As a wee return I have posted a pic of you onto my site. If you have never visited my site its www.artypartyni.blogspot.com can you guess what one is Kath?

Good crac was had by all and yes some new friends made along the way.


Kath Stewart said...

Don't you know Miss Arty Party that I have the power to delete this comment if I so wish...see there

weekend-crafter said...

see there? have u been on the white wine again? or is it the fact that u were in my company? it's a horrible pic of me but I don't care, I hold my head up proud and say "YES I AM FAT BUT NO I'M NOT PREGNANT ITS JUST THE TABLETS!" lol.

It was great meeting up again, maybe we should organise something ourselves and not take as long next time?


PS the disk is brill and THANK YOU so much xoxoxoxoxox