Friday, April 25, 2008

I've been Tagged...Oh Help

I've been tagged by Vicky...thanks a bunch Vicky. Not that I am ungrateful for you thinking of me but although I have nearly knotched up 3 score years, my life hasn't been all that interesting and my first thought was " oh help...what on earth am I going to say." I need to tell you all 7 interesting facts about myself and I tell you it's been "racking my brains" time. Well here goes....

1. I adore chocolate (nothing interesting in that, I hear you say) but my teeth don't. If I eat too much my teeth ache and it so painful...roll on dentures.

2. I won a card competition a few years ago with Simply Cards & Papercraft. The prize was £100 of Docrafts products.
3. I passed my driving test at the first attempt at the age of 50. I thought I would never get the hang of the changing gear malarkey but hey I did it and now can't imagine not being able to drive.
4. The proudest moments in my life were when my two grandsons Brodie and Oliver were's the best feeling in the world being a Grandma.
5. I cream...don't know why but even as a child I couldn't eat it.
6. I once sang "My old man's a Dustman" on stage with (wait for it) Lonnie Donegan....who the **** is Lonnie Donegan, I hear you ask. Well you probably have to be over 50 to remember him, he wasn't exactly the Robbie Williams of his day either.
7. And last but not least, apart from cardmaking, I am also addicted to crosswords. My idea of heaven is curling up on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon with all the crosswords from the Sunday papers.

Well that's me and now I have to tag five other people...let me see if I can choose folk who have had more interesting lives than me. Here goes.... Anice.........Karen......Queen of Camelot or Maj as I like to call her.....Fran and Tracy.


Vicky said...

lol...thanks for playing, kath! this "tag" doesnt sound too difficult, but once you start thinking, it becomes harder, doesnt it?! ps...lonnie donegan?!?!?!


Christine (All She Crafts) said...

lol.. I remember Lonnie Donegan. The name, at least! ;o)

Congrats on being hit 5,000 times! :o)

Heather xx

weekend-crafter said...

Hi Mrs, I know it has taken a few days - been busy - but I have completed your tag challenge and passed it on. Don't laugh at my answers but they are true. Speak soon Karen xoxo