Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Men" are difficult

Cards for men can be a challenge just like the species themselves but I find Get Well cards the most difficult - football and sporty doesn't seem to fit the bill. Why can't they be like us girlies when flowers seem to fit every occasion.

Here I decided to go "cute" and used a couple of images from Paper Nation.


  1. Hi Kath..sorry I dont get round as often as I d like ...yur card is lovely as with all your creations..Must pop over more often!!!
    Thankyou so much for your lovely comments:)Take Care,
    "Have a lovely Evening":)x

  2. Wow!!! This GW card is amazing!!!
    It'd cheer anyone up! Luv it!
    Viv xxx

  3. I found you via Carley's Blog - lovely creations - and I love your banner at the top !

  4. Fab male card.I soooo hate making men's cards too.

    Cass xx

  5. Great card, mind you I think a few men could have flowers as they sometimes tend to act like big girls when they're
    Kerry xx

  6. I really like this get well card!


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