Thursday, April 24, 2008

WOW!!! 5000 Hits on my Blog

Wow... I can't believe that folk are that interested in my ramblings but the counter tells me that I have reached the giddy heights of 5000 hits on my is a reason to celebrate........may even toodle off and have a little drinkie.
Now as a little thank you to you all, I have to come up with something special.....let me have a think for a couple of days and a root around in my stash....I do know that there will be one extra special item in I'm not telling you watch this back soon.


  1. Hi Kath!

    Im not surprised yout blog is hitting the big numbers! Think I have helped that recently:) To say thankyou for all your help with starting my blog, I want to send you an award...but Im sure you already have it! Hope you dont mind, but I wanted to send it to someone whose blog and cards inspire me!

  2. Hi Kath, 5000 hits already and it couldn't happen to a nicer person. Just goes to show you that your cards are beautiful and that you are a very talented lady, as I keep trying to tell you.

    Keep up the good work Mrs and don't drink to much wine, lol.


  3. Hi, Kath.. Blog candy! Woohoo! lol ;o)

    Hearty congrats for being hit 5,000 times. Ouch!!

    Heather xx

  4. here's to another 5,000 (just don't give me another drink to celebrate)
    I want Candy
    The candyman can
    mmm can't think of any more songs at the moment

  5. Well done Kath on hitting 5000. Well deserved!

    Cass xx

  6. Well done Kath ! wow 5000 hits, that's a lot of bloggers ! LOL

    Congrats, Fab x

  7. 5000 eh?! I think I'm upto 13 hheheheh!!


  8. Congratulations Kath! You deserve it! Here's to 5000 more!


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