Monday, March 2, 2009

The Big Reveal

Believe me.....when I was sanding down doors and painting everything in sight.....I never thought that this day would arrive.....but here we go.......DA....DA.....time for the big reveal.....MY NEW SNUGGY SPACE....

This is my sofa......where I rest my weary bum
and partake of a coffee or two
This is Buddy's sofa and he claimed it seconds
after it arrived...hubby manages to grab a small space
now you have to use your imagination.....because there are no lamps.....the ones from M& S are going back......they are far too big for the pictures or little bits and pieces yet....but I so love the neutral chocolate colour combo and hey the red just makes it that's it more talk of decorating.....hopefully it's back to crafting mode......and it's a short post long sagas.....nothing to rant about.......just lots of work to get done before off to the cubbyhole to CRAFT.
Catch up with you all tomorrow.....Hugs Kath xxxxxxx
P.S.  Can't believe that Roxanne and DAN....the man were voted off last night.....I am devastated.....have to wait a whole year to see "my sex on skates" again.


  1. Love your sofa's Lovely colour and the red looks fabulous, I love red, my sofa's red !!
    Looks very comfy too :-)

  2. Love the look of your room, and those patterned cushions really make it 'POP'.. gorgeous
    Jose xx

  3. I want to live in your house! Its fabulous!!!

  4. Kath your room looks fabulous!
    Love your sofa how comfy it looks!
    Such gorgeous splashes of red!
    How wonderful to have it all finished.
    kim x

  5. Glad to see all that hard work has paid off. Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your room looks so cosy and I love the colour combo. I can see you cuddled up on the sofa with a never ending pack of Tim Tams and a nice cuppa.
    Cheers, Irene :)

  6. Hiya Kath, oooh your room is gorgeous, I love the combo you picked, those browns are so soft and snug. joey.x

  7. Kath you room looks lovely....theres a colour combo in there for a card me thinks!! As for Dan you were robbed...should have been Coleen last night! Does the tour not come to could see your sex on legs in the "flesh" if you get my drift!!

    Have a great day in the cuppyhole!!


  8. It looks fabbarooney Kath lol at the budster good for him looks so comfy. Enjoy the day!

  9. looks lovely Kath, really cosy - the red accents just make it!

  10. It looks FABULOUS! I adore the color combo of your room and those sofa's are are so yummy looking. Enjoy your "new" space. >:0)


  11. this is beautiful! I love the red/chocolate combo.
    The cushions really add to this.

    I was getting to the end of your post and thought, Kath must have missed DOI....she hasn'y said about Dan being skated off.....

  12. It looks lush kath - so when are you coming to help do mine? lol

    Just bought some wallpaper with red flowers on to go on a feature wall. Your lovely cushions remind me of it a little. Can't wait 'til we're done but it's a long way off yet!

    Shame bout Dan - will miss him.

  13. Loving the new look Kath. Those colours are gorgeous, love the red and the brown together. Enjoy your wee day oot on Thursday. Wish I was going as I have lots of birthday pennies to spend! Hugs, Lainy xxx

  14. Oooh gorgeous Kath - it is really nice..I could see myself sitting there having a coffee with you. :) I must agree with you that the red makes it pop. :)


  15. what a beautiful room Kath...I love the sofa colour and it overlooks your garden too...just perfect xx

  16. Mmm, it's gorgeous Kath! Would like a room just like that for myself. Love, Clare x

  17. Oh Your room is very `plush` Only the Best for you Kath..Looks loverly and cosey♥♥

  18. Kath your room looks wonderful, so worth all your hard work....and yes the touches of red are perfect :)

    Carol x

  19. Oooh this looks lovely, just the colours I'd like to decorate my lounge in!

  20. wow ~ you've been busy! what a gorgeous room kath! love it..and beautiful colors

  21. Hey Kath your snug looks fabulous! A very chic room for a stampin chic chick : ) It's been just great to catch up with you ... I wish I knew how you manage to fit everything in! Keep blogging - & ranting too - it was very refreshing : ) I'll catch you again : )


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