Monday, March 23, 2009

Mother's Day

Morning folks.....hope you all had a lovely Mother's bestest bud gave me a gorgeous card and lots of sweets......which he is probably hoping I will share and a big Buddy hug.

So sad to hear the news that Jade Goody has lost her brave battle with cancer and how poignant that she should die on Mother's Day of all days.....I wasn't a fan but in the past few weeks I have come to admire the courageous and determined way she dealt with her illness.....she was a wonderful mother which is nothing short of a miracle when you consider the rotten start she had in life....she showered those two little boys with all the love that she never experienced and my heart goes out to them....I admired her openess about the dreaded "C" word and she has probably done more to highlight awareness of cervical cancer and the need for regular smear tests than all the NHS advertising could ever achieve....this isn't a disease that only older women get.....young or old...this terrible disease is no respecter of age but if diagnosed early.....can be cured.
I was rather annoyed at the news coverage last night when they raised the "Big Brother/ Shilpa Shetty" thing.....have they no feelings....totally inapproriate and although I detest racism in any shape or form.....let's all remember Jade as a brave courageous woman and loving wonderful mother...who made some mistakes along the way....just like the rest of us.
I was working all day yesterday and eventually staggered in from the cubbyhole around 4.30 pm all set to make the Sunday meal....I am the only cook in our I'm afraid there was no feet up and someone else doing the cooking.....but I did take myself along to M&S yesterday and partake of their special offer for Mother's Day....roast for 4 with a side dish...a pud and a bottle of wine....and let me tell you folks it was absolutely delish.......we had the roast lamb...with new potatoes and the sticky toffee pud was to die for......bought a load and stashed them in the freezer..and then I got a lovely surprise when I logged on to check on my bloggy buds.....

my acetate card was one of the Fab 5 on 2 Sketches4You

and the icing on the cake......."The Dancing On Ice" a fabulous show and weren't all the finalists brilliant but there can only be one winner and boy did Ray deserve to win......poor Jessica...I was so disappointed for her...but hey I loved Donal too and was in bits just before he started the Balero....when his little girl shouted out "I love you Daddy" I got to see my Dan the Man just one more time.....made this old gal tres jolie....I can tell you.....but oh dear I am going to have serious withdrawals next week and what on earth will I be watching on Sunday nights now.
Back later with my card for Daring Cardmakers...and this is a real fun one to walk "The Budster" and then back to the old workhouse....still got shed loads to do before my little jaunt away....will be telling you all about that later.
Hugs Kath xxxxx


  1. Congratulations on your fab five honour!
    kim x

  2. Thanks for getting us up to speed with all the latest news developments. Mmm ... that meal sounds fit for a King and Queen. Congrats on featuring as one of the Fab5, which is always an honour. Hugs from Desire


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