Tuesday, March 31, 2009

woo...hooo....more gorgeous girls

Yes the old gadabout is home and I must admit by the time I arrived home in Aberdeen last night around 6pm...I was totally exhausted but what a fabulous...fabulous time .....and first of all let me say a big thank you to the two lovely students from Edinburgh ....my companions on the journey down...who kindly logged onto my blog on their laptop just to check that Mr Blogger had in fact posted my Penny Black challenge...they were great company ....have a great holiday folks....I am so jealous and  a little toot as promised.
Arrived in Harrogate on Saturday afternoon.....quick taxi to the hotel to dump luggage....and then off to the show...the Harrogate Show is not nearly so big as the SECC or the NECC.....but it has a charm all of its own....smaller...friendlier and not the pushy shovy crowds that you get at the bigger shows......I was so excited...I am meeting up with some of my bloggy buds at the coffee shop at 3.30pm......and wow were they just the best bunch of sweethearts......

Nicola...(Marcea's lovely Mum)....the one and only gorgeous Dawny P....the lovely Marcea
and the two beauties in the front Kirsten and Emma....now there was someone else
in the pic....yes you've guessed it....the old bird herself...but I hate getting my pic taken
probably because I can't stop talking long enough and always end up with some weird expression on my face......so with a bit of cropping....I ended up on the cutting room floor.
It was so wonderful  to meet you all....you are such lovely girls....and I received some gorgeous goodies too.....will share piccies later.    Dawny and her lovely hubby Richard kindly gave me a lift back to my hotel and would you believe.....they were staying just around the corner so we arranged to meet up later that evening and go for dinner .......and apologies to Richard......poor man....he hardly got a word in...... he didn't stand a chance with Dawny and I in full flow.....I truly believe that Dawn and I were twins in a former life......gee we are so alike and she is just as lovely and funny as she is on her blog .... they treated me to a gorgeous feast.....refused to let me pay my share.....how naughty was that....definitely my treat next time guys......and after a nightcap at their hotel....insisted on walking the old gal safely home.....two absolutely lovely people and what a perfect end to a wonderful day....but there's more to come  and it's back to the show on Sunday.....to meet up with some very special ladies.....the lovely Ruth and Jozza ...my Funky Hand Team mates and Jozza's  lovely friend Nikky...and it was truly special meeting these lovely gals.....but unfortunately I forgot my camera ...so no pics......much to Jozza's relief.....(just pray that Kirsty lost her camera on the way home Joz) but even worse....I forgot my mobile phone and my specs.......OK I can see distances without them but up close and personal.....I am as blind as a bat....which doesn't exactly help at a craft show when you are trying to oogle all the goodies......yes I did have a spend but I admit I didn't go over the top.......probably because I couldn't see half of the stuff.....I got some absolutely delicious stamps which I can't wait to play with and of course....some yummy goodies for the soon to be revealed
100,000 hits BLOG CANDY  
And I can't forget the other lovely folks I met........Kirsty Wiseman......Dyan from Art From The Heart......the fabulous Bev.....Sue...Richard and the lovely gals from Craftwork Cards.......all beavering away at the show....wow.....another special day.........but all too soon....it's time to say cheerio and head back to the hotel and I must confess after all the fun of meeting my lovely bloggy buds.... the thought of dinner on my own didn't appeal.....so popped  into a nearby Tesco Express.....picked up some snackies  and fruit.....and headed back to the hotel.....nice hot shower.....jammies on and into bed by 7pm to chill out and watch TV......wow you can tell I am used to the high life....a real swinging chick me.
And before you know it........it's Monday morning and time to go home......got an earlier train from Harrogate to York and decided to have a little stroll around.....it's years since I 've been in York.....such a beautiful city.
and what a surprise when I checked my ticket as I waited to board the train......first class on the way home....well how did that happen.....why didn't I notice before....for goodness sake....I would have dolled up a bit and even put on some extra lippie......definitely the way to travel....free coffee....water and snacks all the way home and a sight that always brings a lump to my throat and tells me that I am definitely heading home.......the Forth Road Bridge....
Wonderful memories of a very special weekend spent with the nicest folks
which I will treasure forever.
Slept like a log last night with my bestest buddy resting his head on my feet......he was so glad to see me and I missed him so much......well off to unpack and then try to catch up with you all.....crikey....I leave you for 3 days and you go into a crafting frenzy........toodle oo...for now.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. So glad you had such a lovely time
    my goodies were great and i'm glad you liked what I made with them!
    It was lovely to meet you and can't wait to do it again!

    first class eh you go girl!!!!

    Emma xxx

  2. Hi there hunny - sounds like you had such a great weekend. It was lovely to finally meet you and hopefully next time I can spend a bit more time with you instead of having to dash off. I love York and am so glad it is my local city - such a pretty place to live. 1st class .... the lady certainly knows how to travel :o)
    Big hugs to you and the Budster .... xxx

  3. Hi Kath!!! Sorry I missed you,would have luved to have met,maybe next time?!
    Glad you enjoyed the show & Yorkshire!!! :o)x

  4. so glad you had a great time kath you must be exhausted
    helen x

  5. Hi Kath,

    Sounds like you had such a great weekend!!!!

  6. was soo lovely to meet you Kath, glad u had a fab time and managed to get home safely. Will be stalking your blog now though girl!! haha


  7. Sounds like you had a brilliant time but I don't think you needed to chop yourself out of that photo, already seen it on another blog with you in it!

  8. glad to hear you had a lovely time Kath, so good to meet bloggy buddies eh. Nice to be home tho, bet the budster gave you a huge welcome home :o)


    Amanda xxx

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful time, and can't wait to see what you make with your goodies.

    Yes York is a beautiful city, my son-in-law is from York, my daughter a lancashire Lass married a yorkshire man.

    For a minute there I though it was your hubby that you had missed so much. LOL

  10. Fab photos honey & so glad you shared with us all... and that you had a super time at the show with everyone... not that you've made any of us jealous or anything...

    Hey it's another year until the show returns.. do you think that gives us all enough time to make arrangements for a massive bloggers meet.. that would be so cool...

    Lorraine xxx

  11. It's sounds as if you had a wonderful time! I wish I'd known sooner and I would have joined you lol!

    Suze x

  12. `WoW` Fab photo`s Kath..looks like you all had a wonderful time...
    Have a lovely Tuesday my `friend`:)♥

  13. It is awasy so much fun to get together with friends. Glad you had a great time.

  14. so glad you had a good time

  15. Sounds as though you had a great weekend Kath. Great photos. I bet that it was so lovely to meet up with the others. Lainy xx

  16. Wow Kath it looks like you all had a fab time... thanks for sharing your pics... it's lovely to see everyone too. You ARE so naughty removing yourself though...lol but I know how you feel :D
    Love the pics of York too... it's one of my favourite places though I don't get to go as often as I like.
    Chris xx

  17. I had such a great time reading all about your wonderful trip and even more wonderful blog buddies you met in person. The photos of York is beautiful and I can see why you say its such stunning town. That 1st class ride back sounds like the real life. Glad the Budster was eager to see his Mrs again. Hugs from Desire

  18. Ah Kath it was such a pleasure to meet you. I'm glad you snuck in a visit to York too. I am so annoyed I was working or I would have been right there with you. I love York so much and at the moment can't imagine living anywhere else. xxx

  19. And have you seen the photo on Kirsty's blog?! Was very lovely to meet you and hope to do it again as I think we had a lot more to talk about just not enough time!!

    Thank you so much for the goodies - the boys were made up too!!


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