Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What am I doing today

Morning folks....and I so felt like a lie-in this morning but the list of things to do just gets longer and it was up with the birdies and although it's cold.....the sun is shining and it's a beautiful morning....."The Budster" and I have already had our walk.....done a quick swirl around with the old Dyson.....just off to grab a bite of breakfast and the cubbyhole beckons once again.
And what am I doing today.....well finishing off some little goodie parcels and handbag boxes.......

aren't these little handbag boxes so cute....I downloaded a template for this one but I can't for the life of me remember from where......oh's that memory thingy again
P.S I've found the blog where I downloaded  the HERE...the old gal ain't as daft as she just takes a bit longer to remember things...that's all
and all made with the little icon stamps from the Craftwork Cards Clear Stamp Sets.....I tell are going to be so sick fed up of me yacking on about these stamps.
I am having a little jaunt this to Harrogate to meet up with some of my bloggy buds....the gals from "Funky Hand".....the bestest nicest team mates a girl could wish for....and I am so excited that I am finally going to meet them in the flesh and we are going to have such fun because.....what a co-incidence the Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza just happens to be on that weekend.....wasn't that brilliant planning......Emma (Metalic Butterfly) and lovely teamie from Penny Black Saturday and what do you know........the icing on the bestest bloggy bud....the one and only...the princess of all things crafty......Dawny P.....Miss Piggy Wiggy herself and her lovely hubby Richard are coming across for the weekend.......ooooh.....I can't believe it.....we are finally going to meet.....brace yourself Miss PW for the biggest ever bloggy hug.
Why do men always have to analyse everything......"Why are you going to Harrogate...seems an awful long way to go for a craft show"......."I am meeting up with some bloggy buds and  am going to drop off the samples to Sue at Craftwork Cards"....was my reply......"wouldn't it be cheaper just to post them"  he replied........MEN......THEY JUST DON'T GET IT DO THEY.
Well can't stay chatting all day it's off to the cubbyhole to get crafting.....must admit it's not much of a many folks get to do a job that they absoluely love and while I am working away I can watch all my little birdies buds going about their business in the garden....catch up with you all tomorrow for Sneaky Peek Thursday and if I don't get a spurt on....there won't be anything to peek at.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Morning Kath - Wow ... you are going to have such a great weekend. All those treats crammed into one. Lucky you being able to play in your cubbyhole too - have fun! I am off to work (and to practise my doodling whilst talking on the telephone).

    Simply love the little handbag you have made. My Sis makes handbags and would think this is brilliant. I will have to see if I can track down the template and attach a birthday greeting label to it for her.

    Have a great weekend Kath.

    Love Jules xx

  2. OOOH!! I cant wait not only is this my first craft show(better calm down or I may just pop!!!!) deep breaths lol!!! but I get to meet up with bloggy buds I am travelling and raiding the show with Kirsten and we have been sending each other messages regarding how many sleeps it is lol!!!!
    Cant wait to meet you.....

    Emma xxx

  3. nope, men - they just DINNA get it at all lol
    I love that wee handbag - will have to go raking for that template, so cute.

  4. Gorgeous Kath, the little handbag is divine. Enjoy your weekend.

    Liza x

  5. Such gorgeous gift bags Kath! Love your paper so perfect for them!
    How exciting to be meeting your blog buddies men eh mine would say the same!
    kim x

  6. have a lovely time networking with these lovely ladies! see networking makes it sound official and less like the scream I am sure it will be! beautiful wee hand bag s!

    love tina xx

  7. love your makees kath ! the handbag is cute ! ... well i might bump into at the harrogate show !

    love maddy x

  8. wow have a fabby time at Harrogate, I know that you will lol


    Amanda xxx

    Plenty of pics please :o)

  9. kath that handbag is so cute, left a little something on my blog for you hunny
    helen x

  10. remeber to take an empty suitcase with you!
    Mad I can't be there!
    Have fun

  11. You lucky thing, bet you will have a ball!! I am green with envy! You could always pick me up on your way there, I don't take up much room lol.
    Hugs Lora x
    p.s I went to the papeterie today and got some Bo Bunny papers. They have loads of new stuff in too :)

  12. Fab to hear you're off to Harrogate at the weekend honey... now why do I know you're going to have a ball.... hmmm..

    Make sure you say Hi to everyone for me.

    Lorraine xxx

  13. Oooooh more gorgeous goodies Kath and I just love that cute bag... think I may have to go nab meself that template :D
    Cor wish I could join you in Harrogate... bet you have an absolutely terrific time... hope your bags aren't too heavy on the way home
    rofl at the "wouldn't it be cheaper to just post them" comment... eeeh you've not taught him lol lol
    Chris xx

    p.s. thanks for you concern over me glad I didn't need yer Kojak lolly :D

  14. More gorgeous cards and stuff Kath, have a great time at Harrogate, and give that Pink Piggy a huge hug from me, and all the FH gang of course
    En xx

  15. Hi Kath xxxx FAB handbag, and thanks for pointign us in the right direction re the template. I will so be using this little fella xxx Not long now xxxx

  16. Love the little handbag! I Hope you have a great time this weekend!

  17. Cute handbags - great for a night out!!! LOL

    I'm sooo jealous all that bloggy love going on at the weekend - lucky peeps!!



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