Friday, March 6, 2009


Friendship is one of the things in this world that money can't can have all the wealth in the world but life without friendships isn't worth living and when I opened the lovely card from my gorgeous bloggy bud Alison last night....I must confess I was overcome with emulsion...gorgeous card and a beautiful sentiment ...thanks so much Alison.....will treasure it forever....I feel truly blessed that through this blogging malarkey I have made such lovely friendships and just wish that I could meet you all....such love and kindness in abundance.....oh I feel the emulsion coming on again.

And to prove my point...Sir Fred "The Shred" may be rubbing his greedy hands and sitting in his counting house counting all the money that he has...and there is no other word for it.....STOLEN from you and me....but hey I take great comfort from the fact that I bet his so called "hanging on his coat tail" friends are deserting him big time because they are probably the same money grabbing low lifes....and if he has any true friends....they would be sitting him down and telling him a few home truths.
Lots of work to catch up on over the weekend but will be back to show some of the lovelies that I bought the meantime.....big hugs to all my bloggy buds
From your quite a bit poorer
FRIEND Kath xxxx


  1. Jings you've got me filling up now Mrs, so glad you liked it. Have a fab day, mwah.

  2. Awww Kath what a lovely card. I so agree with you, I didnt think a my little blog would be read much let alone create friendships I would never be without. you do make me laugh with your descriptions, emulsion brill word!

  3. what a super card to receive, thanks for my goodies, yours are in the post(well not quite but just ready to go in post box)!roll on October!

  4. Lovely card!!!!
    And I so agree with you.....

    Have a nice weekend.

    Greetings Peggy

  5. Great card Kath, Life without true friends is a pretty lonely place.
    Cheers, Irene :)

  6. Totally agree with you kath!i think crafter's are the nicest people on the planet.I never realised how much happiness and feelig a part of something so fab blogging would bring.hugs amanda xx

  7. and I totally aggree to Kath...
    `Beautiful` card Thats `priceless`:)♥
    Have a lovely Saturday:)~X~

  8. You're so right Kath - crafters are just the nicest people!
    Jenni x

  9. Now isnt this just what is so incredible about blogging!! I cannot believe how many wonderful people I have come into contact with through blogging. Looking forward so much to Harrogate in a few weeks, I want to see as many bloggly buddies as I can! Gorgeous card and you are both lovely ladies!!


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