Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thank you to Helen and Dawn

Just a quickie folks to say a big THANK YOU to the lovely Helen.....for giving me this super cute award....I know I have had it before but it was so kind of Helen to think of big bloggy hugs from me......Helen is a paperholic....oh dear it is a terrible pop on over and give her your support...and if you have any hints and tips for beating this terrible disease....pass them on.
and a big BLOGGY HUG to my lovely bloggy bud and teamie on Tag You're It....the fabulous DAWN for this award....really appreciate it I know I am supposed to pass this on...but you know me folks....I just can choose some of I am awarding this to all my followers and all the lovely buds who leave comments....I truly appreciate each and every consider yourselves awarded and please accept it with all my love and display it on your blogs with pride.
I can't believe that Dawn and I live so close to each other but have never found the time to meet up....well we need to arrange something very soon.  
Can you believe the weather we are having.....sitting out on the patio not 10 minutes ago having a cuppa before I trot off to the cubbyhole..... in brilliant sunshine and it's really warm and then it started to snow.....YES SNOW......what is that all about?....Well back to work
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. well taht's Scottish weather for you Kath, four seasons all in the one day! congrats on your awards

  2. Awww Kath I would have loved to have come but there is not a hope in h*ll of getting off work - I have been told that Saturdays are a no no!! which I agreed to at the beginning - it's a real bind but needs must at the moment - if my job changes though I would definitely love to go to the SECC - have NEVER been to a craft show - can you believe that!!!


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