Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hi's BUDDY or you may know me better as "THE BUDSTER" aren't you you didn't know that dogs can blog just like all you lovely crafters....well I am a little bit fed up of my Mum hogging this blog all the's all cards and crafty stuff....well how boring is I think it's time that we all had a little bit of doggy fun.    What my Mum doesn't know is that all her lovely followers only visit to catch a glimpse of me....well I can't help being such a handsome devil can I.      Always up for a bit of fun and good old fashioned here's what I've got in mind.......I am going to be in so much trouble for this ...but what's in for a penny... in for a pound.    I have a birthday coming up.....will be 3 on Tuesday.....but for us doggy chaps....well it's a bit of a special one.....21 in doggy years.....and you know what....I will probably get one card from Mum & Dad and a load of stupid squeaky just to prove to My Mum what a popular fella I am......I am setting you all a bit of a challenge......make me a card for my you don't need to post it because that poor postie chap must be fed up delivering stuff here.....just leave a comment here with a link to your card.....see I have been listening to all this bloggy jargon.....and then I can come visit you.    Now I know that all these challengy things give out prizes.....well cheapskate I ain' there will be a bumper prize for my favourite card......the cubbyhole queen doesn't know it yet.....but her stash is definitely going to be a good bit wouldn't believe the stuff in there.....hardly room for me to rest my handsome head....and when I do manage to get a bit of shut eye.....I end up covered in those little white squares...blighters of things...they get everywhere.   I have hatched a cunning plan to get the prize to the lucky winner....I am thinking that nice postie chap might help me out....if I promise not to chase him again and I know what you're thinking.....gee this dog just ain't a pretty face.
Well what you waiting for.....can't wait to see some birthday cards.......the deadline is Sunday 5th July at noon GMT......well off to get the old head down and have a snooze....who would have believed how tiring this blogging malarkey can be.
and that's another bone of contention.....that reminds me where did I leave that bone...
why does she insist on calling me "THE BUDSTER".....
my proper name is "HIS LORDSHIP LAURENCE"
but no need to stand on don't have to bow or curtsey....just crack on with the card.


  1. Well hello there Buddy - I'm so impressed with your typing! lol
    I'll be back with a card for you later - I didn't realise you were such a wee slip of a parents goldie (Cassie) is ancient compared to you - she's 12!
    Hope you're enjoying your snooze!
    Helen x

  2. Well you handsome fluff muffin how can one refuse that handsome charm. Your typing is fab by the way, would love to take part in your challenge. Oh and your secret is safe with me won't breath a word to "The Kathster" Oh and if you find your bone "The Kathsters" slippers look good!!!!!

  3. Hiya Buddy, Your one clever dog, but then all of from this neck of the woods are quite clever, but remember getting into this blogging malarkey is kinda addictive. So your mum better watch out!!
    Ive not been around much to say hiya to your mum these past few weeks...omg! its been months! this working thing has taken over my life...Life is pretty boring for me out here in sunny Stonehaven. I'm not sure if I can fit making a birthday card for you into my hectic schedule this week but wanted to wish you HUUUUUGE birthday wishes when you reach that special one...Will you be getting the key to the door??lol.....Off to catch up on the dreaded house work...(ooops swearing) enjoy your snooze...I'm deffo coming back as a dog, next time around....Have a great Birthday and hope you get loads of new crafting goodies...ooops mean choccie drops....luv and kisses.....Jackie xx

  4. Hello budy,I know whatyou mean my owner also is only at her laptop or with her camera on the way.GRRRRRRRRR maby she has the time for you to make one lovely card yust for you..
    Lots of licks,Misty

  5. Gosh Buddy you are not only very handsome but also very clever lol. To set us a challenge for your birthday is an awesome idea and you will 21 in doggy years that is a special date for you. Bet you will be inundated with loads of gorgeous posts lol.

    Lorraine x

  6. HIS LORDSHIP LAURENCE what a stunning bit of writing, love it. Will put my thinking cap on. Have a great day. Anesha :-)

  7. Hi Budster or should I say His Lordship Laurence.. your not only very handsome but your seem to be very clever too.. your mum must be so proud. Wow a BIG and special birthday coming up for you.. I will try to make a card for you but would like to wish you a Very Happy Birthday and hope you get lots of treats from mum.
    Hugs to you all
    Tracie :)x

  8. Hi Buddy,
    I've made you here on my blog, but I'm not sure that you should peek before your birthday! lol
    Helen x

  9. Had a play and hope you like your card! Happy Birthday, here it is

  10. HIS LORDSHIP LAURENCE congratulations on your upcoming 21st. May this be the first of many 21st's to come and may you always get to share it with your very regal Mammie in the cubby hole. Lots of paws up from Desire

  11. Hi Buddy I hopped over from Helen's blog to see who had gorgeous brown eyes. Oh my, you are handsome and cleaver sneaking over mum's blog. So You'll be 21 in doggy years. Will make a card for you soon. I have two dogs just like you, they will be 42(doggy years). You can't see them because they're outside in the garden.
    I have become a flollower so I can see more of your antics.
    Happy Birthday and have a great time.

    Kathleen and my dogs Brodie and Glen sent their birthday paws.

  12. Well Sir Budster, we'll have to get our thinking caps on here won't we!! I am sooo impressed with yout typing skills - they are better than mine - so if you ever want a change of scene, you can come to sunny Chester and be my personal typist!! I'm off to think about your card so have a great day with your mum and keep her under control won't you!! I've seen her in action so I know what I am talking about xxxx

  13. Hello Buddy and a VERY BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. Not only are you handsome, you're very clever too - I'm so impressed with your IT skills. I've made you a card and I really hope you like it. You can see it here.

    Love Lynda xxx

  14. Hello Buddy..wishing you a fabby birthday..your good looking,charming, and very clever to...
    I have managed to make you a card..I do hope that you like it..You can find my card Here

    Michelle Xx

  15. Hey Buddy, happy birthday to you you big handsome boy and HERE is your birthday card i made with a little help from Misty( an attractive four year old GSD who is looking for a toy boy also from royal lineage) Have a wonderful birthday and might I add your computer skills are excellent for one so young


    I'm new to the blog as am not sure how to put my card in here as I see others put the word 'HERE' Hope the above addy is ok.

    Happy Birthday Buddy, Don't get up to much mischief and don't tire your Mum out.

    Kathleen x

  17. I hope your Mum is spoiling you rotten today hunni,
    and with al that extra attention yesterday I bet you thought all your birthdays had come at once...
    I hope you have a fab walk this aft and the sunshines for when you get back so you can have a lazy afternoon in the middle of the lawn...

    Say hi to your mum for me and enjoy the rest of your day x

    Emma xxx

  18. OOps!

    forgot to say I made you a card here

    sending you a lovely tummy rub too!!

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIS LORDSHIP LAURENCE. From what I've heard from your Mam, you are being seriously spoilt today. Just to let you know, I have taken you up on your challenge and have created a birthday card especially for you. So quickly hop on over to DOING LIFE and take a look. And please could you email me your postal address so that I can pop your special birthday card in the post for you. Lots of hugs from Desire and keep on blowing those candles.

  20. Happy Birthday Buster.
    I made you a card, and here it is. Hope you like it.

  21. Hi Buddy. A gorgeous and intelligent dog. Hope you had a fab day. So generous of you to offer up some of the cubbyhole queens stash, lol!
    Wee Steven made you a card too. Check it out here!
    Suzanne x

  22. Three cheers for you Buddy. You have my wishes here

  23. Happy Birthday to you Buddy.
    I hope that you want to take a peek at

  24. Happy Birthday Buddy. Hope u like My card
    Lots of love and tummy rub for you..

  25. Awww, happy birthday! Or should I say happy Bud-day ;) Hope you like this card made with lots of love for you :D

  26. ooo i am in i had some trouble with my computer.We made one card for you Buddy and one happy birthday to you. .
    greetings,MISTY and Lean

  27. well Buddy since your birthday has passed I can let you have a sneaky peek of the card that is winging its way to you I type :o)



    Amanda xx

  28. Hi Buddy
    Hope you had a great birthday on Tuesday and that you got loads of doggie treats and bones! My owner finally got round to posting My card to you.
    Love from
    Ruby the Westie
    woof woof!

  29. Well, well, well, you are a sly little fella, His Lordship Laurence, but rightfully excited, as this birthday will bring you plenty of new perks in doggyville. And how you've managed to get on Kath's blog without getting caught is very cunning indeed. Surely this can't be your first time, as you are quite an amazing typist. Do you have a MySpace page that you practice on, lol. I am a tad late on the birthday celebration, but I don't see anything wrong with turning the occasion into a birthday WEEK instead of a birthday day, so I will return with something to show you, as this heat has me trapped indoors. Until then, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!!

  30. Phew, I think I'm just in time for the challenge. Happy Birthday Budster and my card is HERE

  31. Hey there Buddy!
    Sorry the card is a bit late but I hope you had a nice birthday and got lots of treats and gifts.
    Your buddies here in Finland made you card (I helped a little), you can see it here. =)
    With a biiiig hug,

  32. Hiya Buddy,
    I have made you a card and left you a love note on my blog. I don't mind sending it to you either, if you'd like, you can email me your addie, I am VERY VERY pro-mail!!!
    Happy Birthweek to you, cutiepie ;)