Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sneaky Peek Thursday

Morning folks and yes it's time for some sneaky peeks......the crafting stuff is all done and dusted and boy oh boy what a week it's been....I am totally shattered...not from making the cards...that was easy peasy...from the other bit.....taking the pics....editing them....uploading them....typing the posts and scheduling them all to appear on the right date and at the right time.   I am exhausted all over again just thinking about it and honestly folks......Mr Blogger didn't co-operate one little would think in this modern age of high technology...he could upload pics just a little bit faster......I am totally google eyed from looking at the computer screen and can't wait to get my bum on that aircraft seat and not have to fight with Mr "Awkward Sod" Blogger for a whole week.  What do you bet it takes him ages to upload these little sneaky peeks....aagghhh.

Off for our morning stroll .....and then a quick tidy up of the cubbyhole......after the mass production
and then it's off to town for some last minute shopping.......M&S first stop to get my euros and maybe some new duds for the holiday and then to John Lewis....and oh I am so is the opening of their brand new Liz Earle counter..yippee I have waited so long for this to happen and a little birdie tells me that they have some cracking special offers.   I probably have enough Cleanse and Polish to last me for the rest of my life but a bargain's a bargain.....will be back later with another challenge card....toodle..oo for now....Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Good morning Kath

    Sounds like you will be ready for your holiday!!

    Have a great time if I don't catch you again before you go.

    Love the look of the sneaky peeks.

    Love Jules xx

  2. Morning Kath oh i do love your sneak peaks makes you want to see more :) Oh is it every JL store that will have a Liz Earle counter?? or just in Aberdeen. Now I need a trip to Glasgow lol. Have a smashing day! Woof to the budster :)

  3. Oh wow Kath; you have been a busy bee!

    I’m glad it’s not just me that has Mr Blogger problems. I always find he forgets to put in gaps between things after I’ve spent ages positioning things where I want them. Can’t seem to get him to open up bigger pictures on my blog when you click on them either…….but that might just be something I should be doing and don’t know about. Lol!

    Enjoy your shop!


  4. Morning quine,
    haha, making the cards is the easy bit - its the faffing around with pics and blogger that takes time and effort lol
    have a great day shopping - at least you canna blame me today lol

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  6. What a gorgeous cards Kath.

    Hugs Riet.x

  7. Oh I am soo jelous! I love Liz Earle too, but always have to buy from the net. Hope you got some great bargains.


  8. You have been busy Kath.Love the sneaky peeks.I spot a fabby flower there.Hope you have a fab time shopping and I'll be checking out JL in Glasgow.I love my Cleanse and Polish too.
    Cass xxx

  9. Mr Blogger does not play nicely when time is short or you are trying to schedule posts - I managed to schedule 3 due over 3 days all within 30 mins of each other........