Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Pics

Morning folks...sorry no crafty stuff to show today...spent the day yesterday washing and ironing and must admit I am feeling a little bit ropey this morning....probably picked up someone's bug on the flight home so just a few pics to share...I promise I'm not going to bore you with the hundreds of photos I took...

Multi storey parking Amsterdam style

was really disappointed in Amsterdam....grubby...run down looking and decidely tacky unless you wandered way back into the old town o the quaint canals and bridges...houseboats of every description and the strange assortment of buildings and romantic little cafes......
Den Haag is entirely different with it's beautiful historic and quaint buildings...round every corner a square full of restaurants and cafes with their outdoor tables...a great excuse to rest the weary legs and have a coffee and the fabulous appelgebak with slagroom (apple pie and cream) and who in their right mind came up with the word slagroom for cream.
The transport system is fantastic whether you are using trains..trams or buses and of course there are bicycles everywhere...they have right of way on the roads so you really have to concentrate when crossing because they seem to appear out of nowhere...running a car is really expensive in the Netherlands...yes even more so than here and everyone cycles...young and old and of course it's entirely flat...not even one tiny little hill.
Parliament Buildings in Den Haag
Street cafe

and can you believe that these are made out of sand...talking of sand...little sis will kill me for showing this one...beach cafe in Den Haag after delicious apple pie and yes slagroom.
Catch up with you all later
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Great Pictures Kath, looks like you have had a great trip, fancy Amsterdam myself, but the closest will probably be looking at your pictures. LOL. I hope that you are feeling better soon. Hugs Avril xx

  2. Fab pics Mrs. I hope you didn't go into them there sex shops lol xx!! Or is that somewhere else???? Hark at me, pretending I don't know!! I have to say that I love the pic of your room from your last post. I think it's just gorgeous. Hope you are feeling better soon xxxx Nasty germ laden things, planes. Biggest hugs xxxxx

  3. Thanks for sharing, wow! all those bikes parked up. never been to Amsterdam myself.

  4. hope you haven't picked up that bug! some great photos here, it does look quite pretty which tbh I didnt expect that much! oh and loving how they call cream 'slagroom', gonna keep me tickled for a while! lol xxx

  5. It really took me a moment to understand why "slagroom" would be funny. But I got there in the end. I'm glad you enjoyed my country and yes, Amsterdam is grubby and I like The Hague better too. My brother and sister live there.

  6. Great pics!! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  7. Awww great photos brings me back to the time I spent in Amsterdam - I loved it but wonder what it's like now... They rock with those street cafes..


  8. ooooh sweetie your piccy's are fab, looks like you had fab weather. It's been years since I went to Amsterdam, hope you behaved yourself LOL. Glad you had a great time, your bedroom looked divine, and that sweet little friend you made too, bless, he's adorable!
    Hugs tab xxx

  9. Aw Kath Great photo`s Lol `slagroom`...rofl...
    hope your feeling a lot better ..
    Have a lovely Wednesday :) x