Sunday, June 14, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Morning folks....after the most manic of weeks....I have been so looking forward to today and by the time you are reading this I will be enjoying a leisurely breakfast at the airport waiting to board my 9.00am KLM flight to The Hague  (Den Haag) and the holiday starts right here.....oooh I am so excited...can't wait to get my bum on that seat and up...up and away.
I am so going to miss my gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness.....but my hosts for the week have got a Golden Lab puppy about 5 months old called Sparky and I'm sure he will keep me on my only too happy to give lots of doggy cuddles and I won't be missing out on my morning strolls either.
Hubby has been left his instructions about keeping the garden watered and the bird feeding stations topped that....hey I bet he is looking forward to his holiday too.....peace and quiet for a whole week....but will he remember...when the cat's away the mice will play and men are inclined to hear only what they want to hear and anything else just goes in one ear and out the other.  I love the garden at this time of year....all the plants are just coming into bloom and already my hanging baskets are looking lush.......

gorgeous petunias and wow....HOT PINK
beautiful..oh so dainty.... early flowering clematis
this little sweetie...can't remember the name
and it's somehow found itself growing in the herb pot
and these rather rude looking poppyheads which by the time
I get home will probably look like this............
so I will be a little bit I will be mightly miffed if I come home and all these guys are shrivelled and dead......Well that's it folks......I have scheduled some posts for next week so you aren't getting shot of me altogether and will be back tomorrow with some Hero Arts cards......toodle oo for good while I am away and if you can't be good be careful....I will catch up with you all when I come home next Sunday.....and fingers crossed Mr Blogger doesn't have any tantrums this week.
Big Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Have the bestest time bloggy bud, missing you already.

  2. hope you have a super break quine

  3. Have the best holiday ever Mrs Kath!!!!
    I love your flowers `beautiful` TFS:) X
    Safe Journey!!!
    Au revoir:) x

  4. you have a wonderful time Mrs and enjoy your relacing non crafty time away

  5. Hope you have a fabulous holiday..enjoy the break xxx ...and I'm sure your plants are in better hands than if you'd left them with me!! I'm hopeless!! lol

  6. Hope you have a fabby time Kath,and find some crafty stores....lolYour flowers look gorgeous,especially the poppies.
    Cass xxx

  7. beautiful pictures! have a fab time away.
    love teen xx