Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Didn't we have a lovely time.......

In the words of the song....didn't we have a lovely time....the day we went to ALFORD but beware this is a "pic heavy" post.  The weather first thing in the morning was dull...gloomy and very misty....but by the time I set off to meet my lovely bloggy bud Dawn.....the sun was out and it was beginning to get a little toasty......and Dawn is just as I imagined her to be.....lovely sweet lady and you know that feeling you get within minutes of meeting someone....as though you have always known each other and it was chat chat chat all the way home to Chez Kath to meet YOU KNOW WHO......Buddy is a real people dog and Dawn got an extra special welcome...toy stuffed in his mouth....speaking his own doggy welcome..tail and bottom wagging furiously...I'm certain he would be absolutely useless as a guard dog.
Dawn had made him the most gorgeous birthday card........

and a yummy parcel
and the cubbyhole Queen wasn't forgotten either..
thank you so much Dawn for such a beautiful card....I will treasure it always and I loved my flowers and gifts....you are so generous and I truly had the most wonderful day.
We had a quick bite to eat.....took HIS NIBS for a stroll around the block and set off for our crafty journey to Alford set in the beautiful rolling hills of Aberdeenshire and oh my giddy aunt...by now it was cooking....thank goodness for air con.....we had a yummy lunch at a local bistro and set off to do what all crafters love to do at "Simply Create"
and my lovely bloggy friend Dawn in spend mode
and her face says it all
"Will I go and get that House Mouse Stamp"
  and just in case you come over a little bit faint after your
spendathon....you can chill out here and have a coffee.....
and did we need to sit down.....well that would be telling..
your secret's safe with me Dawn
We were a little disappointed that we didn't meet the lovely Jacqui but she had left me a yummy parcel.
Simply Create is sponsoring some prizes on Penny Black Saturday...gorgeous craft goodies which you will have the chance to win very soon.But all good things come to an end and all too soon Dawn was heading for home...a big thank you for a wonderful day my lovely bloggy friend...it was so nice to meet you at last and hopefully we can do it all again soon and if you live in the North of Scotland...you must make a point of paying Jacqui a visit at Simply Create...you won't be disappointed but a little word of warning...save up your pennies before you go. And what did I buy yesterday...well you will be seeing some of my goodies very soon. Did Andy Murray give me a few heart stopping moments last night but won through in the end...Ok we all have off days and he is under so much pressure..the whole country is rooting for him but you need to up your game matey and get the old head together...atch up with you all tomorrow for another challenge card and some fun photos from Brodie's sports.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and that shop looks like a crafters paradise.

    Andy made my heart skip a few beats last night to - but you could see how much it meant to him when he finally won last night. So much pressure is on him.

  2. Ohh I am sooooo jealous that I couldn't come. One day maybe :) I'm not surprised that Dawn is as lovely as she seems. Anyone who loves animals had got to be OK in my book xxxx Well I am really glad that you had a great day, both of you. Hope you didn't spend too!! Well actually, I hope you both spent shed loads - woohoooo!!! Biggest hugs Mrs K xxxxx

  3. Oooh your pics are gorgeous apart from the big heifer in the middle caught unawares!!!! ROFL
    Brilliant day out Kath and that shop is to die for!!!

    Andy? me thinks he is skating on thin ice....

    Love to the furry one!!

  4. Oh wow you sound like you had loads of fun, hun, and look at those goodies that you and Buddy got!

    Gosh I thought my heart was going to leap right out my chest last night watching the tennis, fabulous match, I love it when they are like that, truly awesome!
    Much Love!
    Tab xxx

  5. Hi seeing the pictures of the store can see why Dawn looks so indecisive its a proper candy store and a half! Sounds like you had a great day, thank you for your kind comments over at my little place.

  6. glad you had a good time, and what a great looking craft shop, hope you didn't spend too much

  7. Aw `WoW` that Carft shop look fabulous!!!!
    Looks like you both had a wonderful day together......Yahahah...
    I love the photo of Dawn.......
    TFS.... Have a lovely Wednesday:) xxxLoverly Lady:) x

  8. hope you both had a FAB time! looks like great fun!

    And happy Puppy Birthday Buddy! woofs & lick from miss Poppy Dog xx

    love teen xx

    ps I have that blinking song in my head now!

  9. Looks like a great day Kath, that craft shop looks wonderful.
    En xx

  10. wow what a fantastic shop oh would I love to drool over all the brilliant things in there so glad you had a lovely time and spent lots of money on beautfiul craft goodies lots love cheryl xxxxx

  11. glad you had a fab day out I am totally jealous wish I ws there :( the shop looks fab too. what beautiful gifts from Dawn too how lovely.