Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to our Special Boy

Happy Birthday Buddy......
our beautiful bundle of golden deliciousness
 I can't believe he is 3 years old today....just seems like yesterday we arrived home with this gorgeous bundle of fluff.....
and quickly realised how much of a hooligan he would turn out to be.....he devoured everything in the garden.....not just the plants and flowers.....but stones...sticks anything he could get in his mouth.....and dig.....he could have won an Olympic Gold.    Thankfully he has outgrown the diet of flowers and stones....but boy he still loves to sit and chew on a stick and given half a chance would have a crater dug in the middle of the lawn as quick as a flash.   But he has the most gorgeous eyes and when he flashes that "I'm sorry...Mum" look....well my heart melts....and doesn't he know it....he is definitely a charmer...and so laid back...his favourite occupation is lounging around outside the cubbyhole and he definitely wasn't interested in posing for any pictures.....far too hot for all that sitting to attention nonsense

until I mentioned the magic word......BISCUITS
Well must dash I am off this morning to watch Brodie's nursery sports so let's hope the weather stays nice but will be back later with all the news of my fabulous day yesterday spent with my lovely bloggy bud Dawn....did we have a ball...lots of pics to share and yes we were a little bit naughty.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


Anesha said...

Oh what an adorable puppy he was and such a handsome boy he has turned out to be. Wonderful card. Have a great day and tell Buddy while mum is away time to do a bit of blogging! :-)Anesha

Desire Fourie said...

Congrats Budster on your 21st doggie year. Hope you get lots of spoils and treats today, like a nice little mud bath ... Hugs from Desire

Kathleen said...

Just reminded me of my babies. Buddy is so like Brodie. As for Brodie, he looks sad when I take photo of him but Buddy looks happy. Glen is full of mischief, always smile for photos.
Have fun with Buddy.

Nilla said...

You will not believe me but I actually dreamed about him last night, but then he was a she and gave me a puppy, LOL! He is so cute, I miss my dogs badly while here on vacation! Happy birthday to him! Hugs Nilla

Dawn said...

Buddy you are the sweetest dog and it was so great to meet you in the fur!!! LOl
Make sure mum gives you lots of treats and big bones!!!


Pamela said...

Happy Birthday Budster! What a beautiful birthday boy you are.
Hugs, Pamela

SannaS said...

Happy birthday Budster! You are sooo cute! And I know you love your biscuits, hope you get lots and lots of them on your birthday! =)
Hugs, SannaS

scotspanda said...


hope you get spoiled buddy :o)


Amanda xx

PS Kath lovely card for His Lordship :o)

Jan said...

Your cards are so sweet but not quite as sweet as BUDDY! :)
Great blog!

Manda said...

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Hope you are spoiling him today (well more than normal lol) New slippers??? heehee


Eveline said...

Happy Birthday Buddy.

Lorraine Robertson said...

Finally managed to get time to come visit & have just spent half an hour catching up on all your fabby creations & pics from your hols.

Most importantly though....

Happy Birthday to the Prince himself...
3 cheers for Buddy....

Big hugs
Lorraine xxxx

Lynda said...

A GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY - from a cuddly bundle of fluff you have certainly turned into one handsome young man. Have a fantastic day, hope you get loads of treats and walks and biscuits and hugs.... Oh and the card your mum has made for you is just perfect too!
Love Lynda xxx

PAS said...

Hugs to Buddy on his birthday. I'm sure he is treated like royalty. Like the card.

Kim Piggott said...

Big hugs and lots of biscuits to the birthday boy Buddy!!!
kim x

InkyArtitude said...

Happy Birthday Budster. We love to stop by to see what you've been up to and look at all your lovely piccies, your Mum's art work's pretty cool too! Have a lovely day.... a great year and never, ever grow up!
Hugs and Licks from Lynn and Diesel x

Terrie B x said...

`Happy Birthday` to dear Buddie He is `gorgeous Kath..
Hope Brodies sports Day went well:) xxx

Susie Sugar said...

Oh Wow !! This is just so perfect in every way, I love everything about it
Love Susie xx

stampingheaven said...

Happy Birthday Buddy, bit late do apologise but you know what us humans are like :)


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