Thursday, January 20, 2011

Buddy's Winner & More Stuff Up For Grabs

A very good morning to all my lovely bloggy buds from your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness....apparently us goldies rank second in the doggie world behind German Shepherds in the intelligence stakes understanding a huge vocabulary of words....not just a pretty face eh.
But I need a little human intervention today because boy am I confused.  Pain in the neck for are one or you have am I supposed to know the difference or in the case of the crafty girl who never does things by halves....both at the same time.
Yes Mum apparently has a trapped nerve in her neck which is making her even grumpier than usual.    Now here's another conundrum...what is a nerve because I am often told that I have one....what does it look like and where is it trapped.  Instead of mumping and moaning let's just open the door...let the blighter go and get back to peace and calm in the do you see where the intelligence bit comes in.
Enough of my's time to announce the winner of my little give-away.....
and it's
oooh you lucky girl....if you e-mail the pain the neck she will get your parcel of goodies off in the post

and I have another little give-away....some cute Penny Blacks....
And you all know what to do by now....leave me some hugs before midnight on Wednesday 26th and I will announce my winner on the 27th.
Big Hugs and Furry Snuggles