Sunday, January 9, 2011

Buddy's Winner

Good Morning to all my lovely bloggy's your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness right on time to announce the winner of my bumper bumper give-away but before I do....the crafty girl ain't happy.
I'm in deep doodah again.....might just have overstepped the mark once too often....she went into meltdown when she felt the weight of the box..." much is this going to cost to post".....oops I may just have to strap it to my back and make the long trek to deliver it...I did have all my paws crossed in case some lovely buddy from Australia's name came out of the hat...but it looks like I've been spared the swim of all swims because the winner is....

CIARA (No 23)

Take no notice of Mrs Grumpy Knickers Ciara....she'll get over it.....e-mail me your address and either me or your lovely postie will be knocking on your door very soon and you have lots of fun with your goodies
And she who now has a face like a flitting and has stormed off to put the kettle on will be back soon to announce the winner of her "fit in a jiffybag-pennies to post" give-away.    Me I am off to keep my head down until I am back in the good books and flavour of the month once again....don't worry folks it usually only takes about 10 minutes and then I can sneak back into the cubbyhole for my next give-away rummage.
Big Snuggles & Furry Hugs


Ruthie said...

Oh Buddy - cant we put you in a jiffy bag! Please Mr Postman (who is very grumpy here!), please deliver Buddy to me in a jiffy bag - with a hole so that he can breathe, eat and...well you know!


Ribbon Girl said...

Morning Buddy, I hope you're saving all your tales for a book? I'd buy one!

Suzanne said...

I agree with Ruthie, lol. |And, our postmans a bit of a grump too x

Christine B. said...

Congratulations to the winner. Buddy your so funny. Huhs x ChrisB

Ciara said...

Ooo, that's me - woohoo! Thanks Buddy, and I'm sorry you made your mum cross!

Tell you what, you hop on the train down to Yorkshire and I'll send little Ellie to pick you up at this end. Oh wait, that would cost more? But think of the fun you & Ellie could have running around together!

I'll drop an email to your mum right now...

Thanks again

Marion said...

Congratulations to the winner. Your Mum will get over it Buddy. She likes a cuppa anyway.

Crafting Queen said...

Congratulations to your luck winner Buddy. Don't think your Mummy could every be angry with you for more than a few minutes! :) Big hugs Anesha

Rufus said...

Buddy you do make me laugh! I'll bet it didn't take "Mrs. Grumpy Knickers" any longer than it took to get a cuppa to forgive you! Glad that you're not having to swim to Australia, wish you were coming to the States, but no such luck!
Hugs and pets,