Monday, January 3, 2011

The Grumpy Old Woman's Club

Morning folks...I fear that I am fast becoming a Grumpy Old Woman and some folks would say that I joined the club long ago but hey there are just some things in life that irritate the life out of me...little things that have me gritting my teeth and pulling my hair out and no I am not talking about The Furry Boy's Slipper Fetish although the hunt has not been successful...I am still wandering around with mismatched feet. So who has annoyed me this morning...the numpties in the EU who have insisted that your breakfast banana should be a certain shape...that all the tomatoes in your veggie drawer be perfectly round and your fruit bowl be filled with items of symmetrical perfection...idiotic ideas to justify their huge salaries but it's time to wake up and smell the flowers boys...time to get your thinking caps on and address a far more pressing issue...starting off with the one that drives me mad some mornings depending on the bread shopping list...
why do I have to wrestle with some bread slices having to chop a chunk off to get them to fit in the toaster...surely the EU boffins have fallen down on the job a little suggestion for all the mad uniform size toast addicts need bread slices all the same size and just in case it doesn't occur to them we also need toaster slots to match. I know you are all thinking "has she totally lost the plot" if this is all she has to worry about...believe me you are not alone...I am wondering the same...think I need to get out more.
Despite my morning battles with all things toasty...the Fiskars project is finished and just a sneaky peek as it's destined for a new product training session for my French Fiskars Chums.

and some sneaky peeks of the new designs from the 2011 Catalogue

which I hope will be making their way to the cubbyhole very soon.....can't wait to play

With the help of my big girl knickers and a little bit of cracking the whip...the crafty juices seem to be flowing again so it's going to be a play day with my new Hero Arts...catch up with you all tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxx


Suzi B said...

LOL Kath I feel the same the EU needs more female boffins!...crafty ones ...of course
Your morning most always make me smile..thankyou.
Sue B x

Suzi B said...

should read morning post :)

Vicky said...

Love the look of the new punches - thanks for sharing them, and your fiskars project looks fab.
Happy new year Kath :)xx

Kirsti said...

Lol do make 'me' laugh of a morning...loving the sneak peaks !! Enjoy your Hero Arts play today!! Kirsti xx

kathleen said...

Kath love the new punches.Don't worry i have just had the same problem with the toaster.
Have a good day and i hope you find your slipper soon.

Kathleen x

Jules said...

Hi Kath

Sorry I am a bit late in popping over and wishing you a "Very Happy New Year".

I hope 2011 is a good year for you.

Your Fiskar's project looks interesting and so do those new punches!!!!

Good luck in finding the slipper and wrestling with your toast .. .. .. you are funny and brighten my day!!!!

Love Jules xx

Christine B. said...

Morning Kath, thanks for my morning chuckle. Mind you I do agree with you . We definately need more female boffins. Glad your Mojo came back. The punches look very interesting. Have a great day. Hugs x ChrisB

Anonymous said...

Smiled reading your post about bread sizes. Here the sizes all seem to go into the toaster, but if you want a bagel to come standard, forget about it, LOL!
Sue P.

jordiegirl said...

Morning Kath

I read your post and you know what I could have written it myself - I totally agree with you about the EU boffins thinking up such rubbish just to prove they are worth their salaries. I have exactly the same problem with bread, even the loaf which is called 'toastie' - well it doesn't fit in my toaster!!!!!! I have to cut off the top and bottom crust so it fits in nicely then pops up again! Why don't the toaster manufacturers and the bread manufacturers get together for a conference regarding the size of bread and slots? Perhaps it would stop us worrying over such problems first thing on a morning!!!!

Maybe I need to get out more too - lol!

Definitely agree there should be more female EU boffins out there and if they were crafters it would be a bonus, we'd soon get everything shipshape and bristol fashion as they say!!!

Have a good day and I hope you find that slipper!

Wiccababe said...

oh I totally agree - although I've found Warburtons farmhouse white fits perfectly in our toaster :)
can't wait to see all these Fiskars new things in action
have a great day

Elizabeth said...

I must be a grumpy old woman too because I so agree with you. The bread always sticks out of the top of my toaster so that bit never gets toasted - ugh! As for the EU - don't get me started :) Hope you have a wonderful 2011. Elizabeth x

mueppi said...

Hi Kath
love the new punches!
For 2011 all the best!
Hugs Gisela

Barb said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the new Hero stamps! Hang in there with the bread. . .it's the same here. . .have to slice mine in half before toasting it! Drives me crazy too!

Kat said...

Like the look of the sneak peeks Kath.

Know what you mean about the EU and daft ideas. Nuisance when all your bread doesn't fit in. Another thing is the settings. We have the same toaster as Catriona but at 3 toast in mine would be quite brown and in hers barely toasted. Strange!!

Hope you get your slippers sorted out!

Kat xx

Sinikka said...

Thanks again for a funny story.
Hope your find a toaster that will fit your bread.
Good luck with your fiskar project.

slbt17 said...

good for you - glad you are back creating.
I do agree with you - it is frustrating when you feel like you have but in a full days worth of work just to eat breakfast!
Take care,
Sandra ltb

pickle said...

Hehe that did make me lol

Kerry x