Sunday, January 2, 2011

Life is full of problems.....

Morning folks....what time of day is this to be posting I hear you ask.....well life in the cubbyhole is all to pot....the fluffy white stuff is back.....OK just a light skiffing....
but the thought of being stuck indoors again for weeks on end is threatening the little last bit of sanity I have left....stir craziness is beginning to take hold. The crafty routine has escaped out of the window and I can't seem to muster even a teeny bit of motivation...not even my new Hero Arts have ignited that creative spark which is a bit of a worry...the reason being I have fallen foul of lazing around on the sofa...staying up late watching rubbish TV or reading late into the wee small hours and of course that means sleeping late in the mornings...eating for the sake of eating.....sound familiar folks.  But this just won't do....drastic measures are needed to get me out from under this post Christmas vicious circle of doing nothingness.  The Fiskars project which was supposed to be finished for the end of December hasn't gone according to fact this is as far as I've got.....pathetic I know..
and it's time to stop feeling sorry for myself.....pull on my big girl knickers and get on with it but first I have another little problem to deal with......The Furry Boy and his slipper fetish...

oh yes not content with the old grey slippers on the right....he has taken off with one of the newbies on the left and this is what I am left with......perhaps the snow is a blessing....what on earth would Mr Postie think if I open the door wearing these.  So big knickers at the ready....the hunt is on.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oh dear Kath, the joys of being a dog owner. Must be the odour that makes them so inviteing but at least he left you one of each foot.

    Hope the snow doesn't stop the postie getting though, they are back to normal until Tuesday, and how a little bit of snow can play havoc, I had a card on Friday that was posted on the 19th. But at least our tickets came.

    Big Hugs Catol xx

  2. Hi Kath, Hope you will feel better soon after spending hours in front of the tv or reading all books you had. It is good to take some time for yourself and just enjoy it.
    Soon this winter will be over and the spring is nearby with lots of inspiration to craft.

  3. Naughty Buddy lol perhaps he's eaten Mr Mojo too!

    Love Lynda xxx

  4. Naughty doggy! Sounds like you both need a little talking to ;-)

    I'm sure your mojo will be back soon, maybe a little hop around blogland will inspire you? Especially when you see what people have made with the new Hero Arts stamps!


  5. I'm sorry Kath but the picture of your mismatched slippers had me in stitches! And naughty as it is of Buddy to pinch them I have to thank him for making me laugh!
    It's probably all this talk of going to see TH. Buddy is making sure you don't leave him again.
    Hope your get up and go comes back soon Kath.

  6. Great picture of your non-matching slippers, good luck in your search for your mojo.
    Here the snow is but a memory, lots of people are glad but I love snow.

  7. Sorry but can't help a sly giggle re the slippers!! On the bright side....he could have left you with 2 left feet :-)
    I hope Buddy tells you where he has hidden your new slipper and that your mojo turns up PDQ


  8. you naughy Buddy you! give mum back her slippers!!!

    hope mojo comes back soon
    love teen & co xxx

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  10. When answering the door tell them you have a matching set somewhere in the house.

  11. Your slippers really made me giggle!! I think they look very fetching and far more interesting than those matching pairs that they sell everywhere!

    Ive got a great photo of my daughters dog pooped out at the end of xmas day over on my blog. Im sure it will make you smile also!
    I just couldnt add the link, sorry but its the 2nd photo down so very easy to see!

    I hope your snow is gone as quickly as it appeared.
    Keryn x

  12. Oh Kath your slippers do look funny, my dogs don't pinch slippers, they just like to lick the insides, not very nice to put yer feet into wet slippers I can tell you.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  13. oh kath poor you hun. i was feeling a bit mojo-less until a couple of days ago too but its all coming back now! we are due some of the white fluffy stuff too on wednesday but i am hoping for just a talcum powder coating too! good luck with the big pants and slipper searching!!! hugs Lou xx

  14. Oh Kath, what a giggle I think you'll start a new trend. They look great. Naughty Buddy!!!!
    I hope that snow isn't going to come down here. Sorry but I'd like you to keep it thanks.
    Hope Mr Mojo comes back soon. Hugs x ChrisB

  15. oh dear - good luck with finding your slippers - maybe when you do you will find your mojo too!
    Take care!
    Sandra ltb


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