Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kath's Winner

Morning folks...yes it's "Mrs Grumpy Knickers" back to announce the winner of my LITTLE give-away...yes it will fit in to a jiffy bag and will be cheaper to post...but I'm sure you'll agree girls....quantity isn't everything.
And as for the cheeky Furry Boy.....he is just like a two year old toddler pushing the boundaries and may well be heading for the "doggy naughty step" but I wouldn't change him for the world....he's a real character...a total charmer...far too big for his boots more often than not but I love my hooligan furry bundle to bits.....just don't tell him.
And the winner is.....
Congratulations Pamela and if you e-mail me (
with your address....I'll get your goodies off in the post
Hope you have lots of Polkadododles fun

Remember this DT kit from Simply Create which has sat in the cubbyhole since the beginning of December....gorgeous papers from Glitz Scarlett Collection which I fell in love with the moment I opened the box....
so why once they were on my workdesk did the inspiration run a mile and the crafty mind went completely blank.  After endless breaks to have yet another cuppa....I finally managed this....

and I know what you're thinking....this is so NOT ME.....where am I going wrong.  Well after much soul searching and yes even more caffeine hits....I've sussed it and in a flick of a coo's tail another couple of cards are done and dusted.....will share the answer to my dilemma tomorrow.
Wooohooo my favourite TV program is back on our screens tonight....Dancing on Ice with Dan the Man and I've been practising with the Furry Boy all week on the pavements in our street which are a slippery slidy icy nightmare..not a speck of sand or grit in sight....mind you the council man probably can't afford to fuel his little vehicle anymore.  Slippery slidy makes me think of the man we all love to boo hiss...Mr Jason Gardiner....what are the chances of constructive criticism only from him this year and less of the personal nastiness.  But I seem to have gone off on another tangent altogether so before this turns into the Mother of All Rants...I will leave you to enjoy a peaceful relaxing Sunday and if you weren 't up and about with the birdies this morning....scroll down for Buddy's winner.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. A lovely card and the paper is indeed very beautiful.
    Congrats to both winners.

  2. it's good to try something different once in a while out iof your comfort zone, sometimes it's all you need to kick start your norm once more, thanks for sharing and take care when you and Buddy go ice skating, no trying to mimic your Dan the man.

  3. Wow Kath you've made a stunning card with those wonderful papers. I'll be tuning in the the Ice Skating too tonight. Enjoy!

    Love Lynda xxx

  4. A Lovely card although very different. The paper is lovely. Take care on your walks. Hugs x ChrisB

  5. Sure is different from your usual style Kath (me too) but still a beautiful card. Can't wait to see the others.

    Kat xx

  6. Forgot to say Congratulations Pamela.Hugs x ChrisB

  7. lovely card Kath and I will be watching Dancing on Ice too tonight

  8. Very different for you Kath. The paper is gorgeous. Congrats to the winner of your candy.

  9. no, that card isn't your usual style at all Kath - but it's bonny nevertheless.
    enjoy your programme tonight, might have a lookie myself see how Kerry gets on

  10. Certainly not your style but still came up with one beautiful card Kath. Enjoy the skating. Carolxx

  11. Yippee! I won Kath's giveaway. Thanks very much Kath. I use CDs a lot in my card making so these will come in very useful.

  12. Hi Kath , hope you enjoyed dancing on ice . As for the furry boy naughty two's , maybe I 'll bring Lily and they can egg each other on !!! Hope you've two naughty corners --
    See you soon
    Anne xxx


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