Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Mrs Grumpy

Morning folks...yes it's Mrs Grumpy and I hold my hands up to having had a bit of a short fuse this week.....the trapped nerve in my neck has been driving me up the wall....not sleeping much at night and the pain has now moved down my back....crikey I am beginning to think I am joining the ranks of the "only fit for the scrapheap" brigade...looking on the bright side it's just as well  I'm not a horse or I would definitely be on my way to the knacker's yard.  But the show must go on....the demo stuff is finished and couldn't have got there without  my new best friend Mr Neurofen.
It's going to be a friends kind of a lovely buddies Anne and Debbi are popping in for coffee and a chinwag...guaranteed to be one big laughathon and just what I need to cheer me up but it's time for us to set off on our frosty morning stroll and I leave you with a little sneaky peek of what's to come tomorrow....

See you all over at Penny Black Saturday 
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. morning Mrs Grumpy,
    will be with you in 2 hours :)
    do I need to take stronger drugs with me? lol

  2. Take a hammer too Debz - she might need some sense knocked into her to visit the GP!!!!
    Was hoping to come to Alford this weekend to try and meet everyone but things are a bit hectic here too on the illness front.
    Have a lovely coffee and a cake for me!

  3. Aw you poor thing, hope that Anne and Debbie take your mind off the pain for a few hours, have fun and go and see the Doctor missus!

  4. Morning Mrs Grumpy, you need to visit the doctor. Have a fun day laughter is the best medicine, they say. Hugs x ChrisB

  5. Morning grumpy lol I've just read Ann says you've not been to the doctors what you like Mrs? Have a fabaroonie time with Ann and Debbi. Say "hi" to Debbi for me :D See you tomorrow for PBS

    ....and take care....

    Ali x

  6. Sorry you're still in pain.Kath have you tried wearing a collar they do help, believe me i wore one when i had a rye neck.

    Kathleen x

  7. Sorry you are in pain, hope it gets sorted soon. Enjoy your day with friends today. Big hug to Buddy. anesha

  8. Oh no...hope you are going to be ok...neck pain like that is no fun..I had a few months ago and could hardly even get out of bed for two days, luckily it was at the weekend and I didnt have the kids to get organised for school....wish I was coming for coffee today - bit bored!! See you tomorrow!!...Kirsti xxx

  9. Kath, I wish we could all come over for a "cuppa" as you say. Lots of friendship and laughs for the day may help's hoping. Be a good boy Buddy, and have the house all spic n span when Mum gets home. Good boy. Linda S. in NE

  10. Have a lovely day with your friends.Hope you're soon feeling better.Take care.Debbie x

  11. You have a right to be grumpy, a trapped nerve is bloody painful, I used to get one in my right hip for a few years, but it suddenly stopped. The worst occurrence was on top of Fairfield in The Lakes, we thought we were going to have to call out Mountain Rescue to get me down!! Although I've always said that you were a pain in the neck though!! Have a lovely morning with your pals!


  12. Feel better soon Kath!
    I know how horrible trapped nerves can be!

    hugs xxx

  13. Hi Kath

    Sorry to hear that pain in the neck is still around.... Hope Mr Nurofen is helping a little - if not you might need to see Mr GP!

    Take care



  14. hope you feel better soon Mrs Grumpy drawers

  15. Hope you had a wonderful morning and maybe feeling a bit more cheerful. Take care Kath and maybe see a DR. Warm wishes. Have a good weekend and rest.

  16. You are having a bad week, Kath. Hope Anne and Debbi manage to cheer you up. Hope you're improving though.

    See you tomorrow.

    Kat xx

  17. hope the girls cheered you up ( see Debbie is bringing drugs.....LOL)
    hope you are feeling much better.
    love teen xx

  18. Kath,I certainly sympathize with you having neck and back pain. Please visit your doctor.You might need a little physical therapy . they would probably give you some anti inflammatory
    medicine to calm things down.
    You take it easy have a nice weekend with your friends.

  19. Hope you will not be feeling like mrs Grumpy for much longer. Have a happy chat and giggle with your friends. Thanks for looking a my embroier. xxx


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