Friday, March 18, 2011

All kitted out

Morning folks....the kits for my Fiskars Workshops at the NEC are packed and ready to go....all 280 of them.  At this moment in time I am completely kitted out and feel as if I never want to prep another kit again but hey ho it's a bit like the promises we all make about never eating chocolate again after a mega indulgence session and we all know how long that lasts....until the next time.
Folks who know me will tell you I am the world's pickiest crafter.....everything has to be just so and only the best products will a huge huge thank you to two wonderful UK companies who very generously supplied their fabulous products for the workshops.....I truly appreciate your generosity and support girls....

Sue & Julie from
Back to Basics Card Packs
Square 148 x 148
Andrea and Mary from

Bakers Divine Twine....Brown Sugar
I am so looking forward to meeting up with all the lovely NEC crafters and sharing my passion for papercrafting and Fiskars fabulous's going to be great fun....whether I am still of the same mind set by the end of the fourth day is entirely another matter.    But the bestest bit will be catching up with all my lovely crafty buddies....too many to mention here but you all know who you are and I'm looking forward to lots of big hugs and of course I hope to fit in a little bit of crafty shopping.  For all those who have left comments or e-mailed....I won't be on the Fiskars Stand G28 but in my own little workshop area at H01 so please pop by and say hello or better still book yourselves in for a fun filled workshop.
There is only one slight problem....I have to transport all the workshop kits in my suitcase...visions of the weighing scales at check-in going beserk and I may end up kitted out in 5 days worth of clothes for the flight down.  I'll catch up with you all tomorrow for another fun challenge over at Penny Black Saturday....but The Furry Boy will be popping over later with the winner of the notebook.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Morning Kath
    Wishing you well at the NEC, make sure you take some sweet treats, to keep you going. Wish I was going but next year??
    Linda B

  2. oh you'll be sick of the sight of everything - but I've no doubt you will go down a storm and the 4 days will pass in a flash
    have a great weekend

  3. Have a wonderful time at the NEC!!!

  4. Yep, wear all the clothes! How funny! Best for the workshops - I already know they're a hit. And good luck at the airport!

  5. Morning Both.Gosh you have been busy Kath. I bet you will have a great time at the NEC.
    Have a great day.
    Kathleen x

  6. Hi Kath . . . enjoy your trip. V envious of everyone who gets to go to one of your workshops!

    Hugs, Sandra

  7. You will have a blast I am sure!!
    Behave yourself now!!xx

  8. Wish I was going down to the NEC. Have a great time and hope you get some time for yourself too.

  9. I sooooo wish i was coming to the NEc in much need of a catch up Mrs. Really did miss you at the SECC :( I love Craftwork cards my all time fav card blank!

    Ali x

  10. P.S remember to pack your slippers...M &b S ones mind none of your ASDA rubbish LOL


    Ali x

  11. All those kits! Gosh you must be crafted out! Have a good four days and hope you manage ok with the baggae allowance.

  12. Wow Kath that's an awful lot of kits. You must be pretty scunnered making them up. Hope you have a lovely time at the NEC, I'm sure your workshops will go down a storm. Have a nice relaxing weekend.

    Kat xx

  13. Wish you were coming to Harrogate.
    Thanks for the tip on making my picture smaller which I did and it did seem to work for a couple of times but then went weird again and lost visitor counter but finally got it sorted today, not much hair left now though!!!
    Thanks again.

    Kath x


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