Monday, March 28, 2011

NEC = Cream Crackered

Morning folks and before you know it I'm back....this time last week I was running about like a headless chicken getting ready to go and play at the NEC...passed in a flash although it didn't feel like it at the time...
The super heavy suitcase sailed through check-in no probs and no excess baggage to pay but before the fun can begin....the set up team have to get to this case MOI.....unpacking tables...chairs and tools
decorating the stand to make it into my little home from home for 4 days

 setting up the tools table
 and after what happened to my samples at the SECC....these boys were super glued to the wall

Back at the hotel by 6pm....didn't even have the energy to take myself down to the restaurant so it was room service...jammies on...into bed and asleep by 9.30pm.  And after 7 (50) minute workshops each day with only a short break to grab a drink...something to eat and a dash to the loo....I arrived back home last night slightly cream crackered but with wonderful memories of the 280 lovely crafters who joined in the Fiskars Fun.....including 3 gentlemen....sending big hugs to you all.
But it's not all work....had lots of fun catching up with crafty friends....sending big hugs to Jill at Hobby House...Leandra at Paperartsy....David at Samuel Taylor and Keith at Fantastic Ribbons. Big thank yous to Penny and the team at Art of Craft and of course the Fiskars Dream Team...the lovely Severine (the boss) my hooligan demonstrator chums...the lovely Hina and Rach who tried at every opportunity to lead me astray and even managed to get me tipsy on one occasion......loves you all.
But the icing on the cake was meeting up with some very special crafty buddies and the very special fella who came to a workshop but will tell you all about that tomorrow....have some magazine commissions for Fiskars to get done before Wednesday so it's back to the cubbyhole and get the crafty hat on.....and oh yes I did manage to buy one or two crafty things so look out for a little give-away coming your way soon.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. You were very busy lady indeed I did call by a few times on Saturday and did want to interrupt as your little space was full of crafters, but the demo looked really good, shame I didn't have more time to join in! Big hugs JO xxx

  2. Sounds like a fabby but frantic weekend hun - bet the Budster is glad to have you home. Hugs Sxx

  3. Morning Both.Pleased you got home safe and sound and had a good time.I bet Buddy was glad to see you.Don't work too hard.

    Have a good day.
    Kathleen x

  4. Thank you for sharing all the goings on - wish I could join in but I am way too far away!
    Buddy is probably happy mum is back home - have a rest, before you start anew!

  5. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself Kath . . .even if it was tiring.

    You are a tease with this post, keeping secrets from us . . . but I'll be back to find out who the fella was etc!

    Hugs, Sandra

  6. Hi I think you have the best job in the world ! I hope you get to rest. Your stand looked awesome.
    Kitty :)

  7. It was so fantastic to meet you and enjoy a cuppa with you on Saturday. Glad you got home safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing you again.

    Much love,

    Jo x

  8. Hi Kath,
    It was great to see you on Saturday, we had a lovely day, and the hightlight of the day was seeing you again.
    Hope you got home in time for the results of Dancing on ice.

    Big Hugs Carol xx

  9. Hi Kath
    Welcome back I reckon cream cracked = Knackered , have you recovered yet? Wow what a lot of prep and hard work you did so all those fellow crafters could enjoy your workshop.

  10. Bet you Buddy couldn't contain himself when you came through the door! He did a grand job of running your blog while you were away! Good to see your back safe and sound. Carolxx

  11. sounds like a busy but fab time!
    look forward to hearing more about it. Bet Buddy was glad to see you home again.
    love teen & co xx

  12. can't wait to hear all your news missus - and i can't believe you're home and right back into it - I'd need a holiday to recover

  13. Oh it is exhausting, but the fun carries you through I guess! Nothing like your own bed though, huh! Good luck with the next deadline!

  14. Hi Kath, it was so great to meet up at last, your photographs are already making me feel nostalgic. What a fabulous day and thank you for helping to make it so special!!
    Love and big hugs,
    Heather xx

  15. what are you like getting the crafty hat on already. so glad you had an amazing time I was thinking about you! looking forward to hearing more tomorrow.

    big crafty hugs

    Ali x

  16. Sounds like you've been one busy lady. Bet your hubby and Buddy are glad to have you back.Maybe I'll make it one day to the NEC-hope so.Get rested.Love your work.Take care.Debbie x

  17. Hi Kath
    it was good to meet you at last. Reading the blogs of others who were working at the NEC we all seem to have the same comments.....we are SHATTERED! It was good though and I did manage to get some retail therapy done too. I have a lovely pioc of the two of us which I will post later toady if you want to have a look.
    Hugs Sarah x

  18. You sound like you had the best time Kath,I wish I was with you.
    Sue xx

  19. Glad you're home safe and sound and the cards you have in your post are gorgeous !
    Have a great day !

  20. Can you smuggle me in next time - you just need to do a wee little detour via Brecon to collect me - I'll cut card, move furniture, sell my little size 2 socks off & generally help.....
    Glad it went well & it sounds like you had great fun too.
    Paula (PEP)

  21. I wish I could do the NEC - I get to do the ALexandra Palace fairly regularly (April 10) but I've never done NEC or Port Sunlight. How all you ladies behind the counters and demo tables stay so cheerful amazes me! The card samples look wonderful!

  22. I'm really sad I couldn't make it this time - it would have been lovely to join in with one of the classes. You did a great job with the stand - bet it didn't stay that tidy for long!!! Glad you got home safe and sound.

    Love Lynda xxx

  23. Sounds like you had an amazing time Kath. Buddy certainly missed you so he'll be a happy doggy now that you're home. Your stand and samples look amazing. Can't wait to see and hear more.

    Kat xx

  24. sounds like you had a fab time huni and i think that Buddy missed his mummy so i bet your enjoying lots of his cuddles xx

  25. Sounds like a busy time...wears me out just reading it LOL..but also sounds like a fun time...and that always seems to make the tiredness go away...imagine your big guy was glad to see you!!

  26. Wow, sounds like everybody had a fab time. You were certainly busy. Bet that Buddy is glad to have you home, he's missed his glitter coat!


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