Friday, March 4, 2011

Back in business.....

A very good morning to all my lovely bloggy buddies from your favourite Furry Boy.  It's looks as though the crafty girl is feeling better.....well if the cubbyhole is anything to go by and for all those who think that I live with the neatest and tidiest human on the planet...well think again folks...the cubbyhole is an absolute tip.  No self respecting canine would be seen dead in there at the moment...just imagine if one of those punches was to land on my head so I am keeping well out of the way and have taken up residence on the comfiest sofa in the house.

and apologies and a big grovelly thank you to our lovely buddy Kirsti who sent this award to my Mum yonks ago and guess what...she forgot all about it.....blimey what would she do without me and my super duper organisational skills....
and some sneaky peeks of the result of all this frenzied crafting

Once the debris clears I will be back on rummage mode and hopefully have a little give-away for you next week.  But it's time for our morning stroll so we will catch up with you all tomorrow over at Penny Black Saturday for another fab challenge and woohooo yummy prizes.
Furry Hugs & Snuggles


  1. morning Buddy, am loving the sneaky peeks - like the look of that bracket border punch
    have a nice day and glad to hear mum is on the mend

  2. Hi Buddy, great to see you posting again. Believe me your Mums work space is soooo tidy compared to mine. It is best to keep out of the way just in case something heavy does fall. :) Hope you are still meeting your lovely friend on your morning walks. Have a great day. Hugs Anesha

  3. Hey Bussy, glad your mums feeling a bit better. Love these sneaky peaks and how can she craft in all that mess, lol x

  4. Hey Bussy, glad your mums feeling a bit better. Love these sneaky peaks and how can she craft in all that mess, lol x

  5. Morning Buddy - well done for looking after your Mum and getting her back on track.

    Thanks for the sneaky peek.
    Hugs, Sandra

  6. Hi Buddy good to hear your Mum is feeling better.Can't wait to see the full image of the sneaky peeks.

    Have a good day.

    Kathleen x

  7. LOL...Loving all the sneaky peaks!!!

    Kirsti xxx

  8. Good morning Buddy - that first sneaky peek looks like some inspiration came from the coffee mug sitting on your mum's desk! Think I spotted another coffee mug in the first shot too - just how many did she have on the desk??
    Now a little bit of advice - if things should start falling on your head just gather them all up and post them in a little (or large!!!) box to me and I'll take care of them. LOL.

  9. Hi Buddy,
    I like the look of the sneaky peeks you have given us.Hope none of those punches fall on you!!Hope you an d your mum have a great weekend.
    Love, Elspeth.

  10. Hi buddy, glad you are allowed back on line. You take yourself off for a nice sleep somewhere as Mum has the heavy duty crafting gear out it would be a shame if we lost your musings due to concussion. Loving the sneaky peaks though - go get more x

  11. Well Buddy - I should just watch from the sidelines if I were you, no point in going where you're likely to get a sore head. Enjoy your walk & glad your Mum is feeling better.
    Paula (PEP)

  12. Hi Buddy, looks like you're right to keep out of the way just now. The sneaky peeks look lovely as always. Can't wait to see the real thing.

    Take care Kath,

    Kat xx

  13. :-) Hope you had a nice day on the sofa, Buddy

  14. That's quite tidy! Or is that just me?

    Loving the brown twine Kath - where can I get some from please?

  15. Hi Buddy thanks for the look round Mums cubbyhole. It's tidy compared to mine. Hugs x ChrisB

  16. good idea to keep your distance - the punches would hurt ... a lot!
    looks like we are in for a treat soon, lots of eye candy!
    Sandra ltb

  17. Buddy!

    Your mum isn't messy, she's creative (and actually it looks like she has her space very much more organised than mine!).


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