Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Special Fellas

Morning folks....it is so good to be back snuggled up in my own bed again with the Furry Boy snoring at my feet and I'm feeling almost back to normal....the voice is recovering....after 4 days of non-stop talking...the hot stuffy air in the Hall and the horrible air conditioning in the hotel I was almost rendered speechless by Saturday but help was at hand thanks to my first very special fella....Fernando the super cute Restaurant Manager in the hotel who made me a lovely hot lemon and honey drink every morning to try and fix my croaky whisper voice.
My second special fella......who by the way I never met because he crept onto the stand every night under cover of darkness and scooped up all the debris left behind by 70 messy crafters leaving it spick and span for us to mess up all over again....I wanted to take him home....every cubbyhole needs a magic tidy-up elf.
But the beautiful special fella who truly stole my heart and I would definitely have taken him home in a minute....
 Aries who is a canine partner to his lovely owner Pam
we got chatting outside before the show opened and Pam mentioned that she would love to come to a workshop but there was a problem.....one very handsome and adorable dog....but that's not a problem in Fiskars Land so they booked themselves in and boy oh boy was he the star of the show.    He sat for the whole 50 minutes hanging on my every word and paying a lot more attention than some of the crafters...such a well behaved boy apart from totally covering my black trousers in dog hairs but hey ho that's my usual crafty look so he made me feel totally at home.
And it was such a treat to meet these special girls....Andrea and her lovely Mum Mary from the Ribbon Girl and shock horror Mary and I were wearing the same top....just goes to show girl you have excellent fashion sense....my Funky Hand teamie Jules...Clare..my TH Buddy Carol and her DIL Rhiann....Bev and Jacqui and last but not least..the Weatherspoon girlies aka The Magnificent Seven....(stole the pic off my "twin in another life" bestest buddy the one and only Dawny P's blog....and did she look glam with her false eyelashes)

my bestest buddy Dawny P...Kim C...Jo....Heather and Lorraine....waving at you all....sending big hugs and hope your journeys home weren't too stressful.
And what did I buy...well to be honest not a lot because I still have a pile of stuff from my Timmie trip and some shopping splurges on line sitting on the floor of the cubbyhole and shock horror haven't yet got round to playing with any of it and it's driving me mad.....

and woohooo well done Buddy for grabbing the Kraft Resist Paper Pad from Craft Obsessions before it sold out....we'll make a crafter out of the Furry Boy yet....perhaps he could do the workie stuff and I'll just play.
I will be having a little give-away soon but first I need to get these step by steps typed up...a real big girl knicker job if ever there was one.
Catch up with you all tomorrow over at WOYWW
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. I'm exhausted just reading all that Kath lol
    hope you get the typing up over and done with soone

  2. Morning both.Looks like you have a busy day ahead Kath.Don't work too hard.
    Kathleen x

  3. Hi Kath,
    I hope Buddy is not too put out with you having all these new guys in your life!!

  4. Hi Kath, waving back to you Kath, some yummy goodies there, give yourself time to play can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Ribbon girl have scissor charms if you didn't manage to get any at the show. I can feel a spend coming on too.

    Big Hugs Carol xx

  5. Hope you get some rest. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Have a great day and hugs to Buddy.

  6. WOW . . . magic elves to help tidy up at NEC . . . and restore your voice . . . totally brilliant! And you found Buddy a new playmate and role model? Didn't you do well.

    Hope the CEO of the Cubbyhole is on form today swishing away any mess with his tail . . . he does his best to be an elf too, lets face it!

    Hugs, Sandra

  7. Wow Kath what an exhausting weekend think you have done great to be feeling more normal again so quickly. I would need at least a week of sleep to get over that. Sorry I couldn't make it to the NEC this time but I'm sure our paths will cross at some point and I'll make sure I say hello.
    Kietha xx

  8. Sounds like you had a lovely time hun and don't worry if you need anyone to take the crafty stuff you bought off your hands to play with seeing you haven't yet you know where I am :P xxx

  9. Hi Kath

    Lovely to have you back - although Buddy looked after us in your absence!

    Gosh your work load never stops - I honestly don't know how you do it - I'm worn out just reading about it - LOL.

    Big hugs


  10. Hi Kath
    you have been a busy bee, fabulous piccie of you all, its great to meet up with each other eh, sue,x

  11. Oh Kath what a lovely pile of goodies waiting for you to play with. Good job I don't live around the corner. I would be banging on your door, and shouting let me play too. Hope you got all your typing done. Hugs x ChrisB

  12. Sounds as if you're still busy Kath. Hope you can find time to relax and play with your new stash soon. Nice to be able to put faces to some of the names.


  13. Goodness Kath - no wonder your voice wore out. Love the look of Aries & sounds as if he was a real gem, as well as the tidy up elf. I have one of those - except he doesn't do my craft room but frequently brings me bits I lose around the house - just in case I might need it.
    He's usually got his nose buried in a book & goes by the name of a gem of a husband.
    Paula (PEP)


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