Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lots of this and that....and not enough sleep

Morning folks...a very rare occurrence happened yesterday in the cubbyhole....about as rare as Halley's Comet... Mr Mojo was in top form and between us we got through a mountain of work....Fiskars NEC Workshop kits and NEC samples done and dusted....blimey I even surprised myself... either the wind was at my back or those antibiotics have done wonders for my energy levels.   A quick break for lunch....a stroll with the Furry Boy and it was back to the cubbyhole to have a play with my gorgeous goodie DT parcel from The Ribbon Girl......a little sneaky peek.....
and here was me thinking that I am bang on schedule and things are going decided to take time out for a little fun altering a notebook Timmie style.....this may well end up as a workshop just some teeny weeny peeks...

The boost to the energy levels was obviously only supper time I had well and truly run out of the steam and a lazy evening snuggled up on the sofa watching TV was on the cards but once my bum hit that seat the old eyelids started to droop....a little power snooze was just what I needed but a certain someone had other ideas.....oh yes The Furry Boy was already fast asleep and in full decibel snoring can one dog make such a din and believe me folks no amount of nudging will wake him from his slumber...can't even muster a flicker of his eyelids.  By the time I fell into bed no amount of snoring...wild horses...volcano activity or a rock band playing at full volume would have kept me asleep the minute my weary head hit the pillow.
Any thoughts of a luxurious lie-in have gone out the window......a last minute project arrived from Fiskars late yesterday....the deadline....quelle it's going to be a "flying by the seat of my pants and all hands to the pump" kind of a morning but first I need to tidy my workdesk.....abandoned last night in my quest to close my eyes.....
and the first job on the list is to clean those Fiskars Scissors
But once the job is done I am laying down my crafty bagging the comfiest sofa in the house...plugging my ears with cottonwool and I am having a long afternoon siesta....such a civilised custom don't you think. And to answer all the questions from yesterday...yes The Furry Boy did get a bit of lovely bud Anne couldn't resist those big brown eyes.
Catch up with you all tomorrow mi amigas.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. gosh, Fiskars are certainly keeping you on your toes Kath
    have a great day, and I agree - Siestas are the way to go

  2. Morning Kath love your sneek peeks, they look fab. Don't over do things, have a rest. Have a lovely day. HUgs x ChrisB

  3. Oh you little tease! Loving the sneak peeks hun, they look intriguing. Enjoy your nap - seriously envious! Hugs Sxx

  4. Moring KAth, jings fiskars are having a Giraffe aren't they!! Loving the look of the sneaks.

    Love to you both

    Ali x

  5. Morning Both.Can't wait to see the full version of those sneak peeks.
    Enjoy your siesta this afternoon.
    Have a good day.
    Kathleen x

  6. Mmmmmm that sneak peek looks interesting....if that is gonna be a workshop at Simply Create I will definately be making my way over for it!!
    Enjoy your snooze this afternoon!

  7. Feeling a bit like that myself just now Kath but unfortunately by mid afternoon that is when all hell breaks loose in my hoose!!!

    Loving the look of the notebook...

    take care

    Kirsti xxx

  8. Hi Kath
    wow you have been busy, ya sneak peaks look gorgeous, take it easy, sue,x

  9. oooh - like the look of those butterflies, lace & pearls. Fiskars ----- now that sounds interesting.....Have a good rest this afternoon.
    Paula (PEP)

  10. I think after all your work I think you deserve a wee snooze Kath. Dont over do yourself. Love all your sneek peeks. Aud xx

  11. Hope you get to take a rest Kath! Glad to hear the Furry boy got some pancake! Hugs Anesha

  12. Dear Kath-playing catch up and saw your 5th March blog-stopped in tracks by "Girl with basket" stamp. They say "what goes around comes around" and I think I bought that stamp about 15+plus years ago-now "where did I put it?"
    Hugs BettyXXX
    And the moral of this story is?-DON'T GET RID OF YOUR STAMPS!!!!!!

  13. After all the excitement of Warren it's taken me 3 whole days to do my DT card for tomorrow - wish I had some of your energy Kath - perhaps a power snooze is the answer!

    Love Lynda xxx

  14. Hello my lovely :0) Just wanted you to know ... I have been ... looked and admired ... as always ... delicious :0) XXX

  15. Hey Kath is your middle name Wonder Woman? All that rushing around - I was tired just reading about it. And poor Buddy also felt the effects of being in your whirlwind as he crashed out fast asleep, and what did you do? Try and wake him up! Hope you both managed some shut eye this after.

  16. Loving the look of these sneak peeks. Wish you were coming to Harrogate.

    Kath x

  17. Love your sneaky peeks Kath, I can't do without my little siestas! S x

  18. My retriever JoJo looks exactly the same as Buddy - and he got a lot more pancake than a nibble due to my kids bad flipping skills and him moving faster than I've ever seen him move before!!! I love the sneak peek, especially the butterflies. :)


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