Sunday, March 27, 2011


Howy folks....I'm all's the day that the crafty lady my lovely old Mum comes home....not until late o'clock but tonight I'll be in seventh heaven snuggled up in bed and falling asleep to the sounds of Mum snoring......I bet she is going to be dog tired so it's probably going to be a mega decibels night...where on earth did Dad put those ear defenders.
And I have a sneaky feeling that she is not going to be in the best of moods....don't think she has realised that she is going to miss most of the Dancing On Ice Final.....she will be winging her way home at 35,000 feet while they are twirling and birling around the rink.....wonder if I can work out how to set the video that would definitely be a big feather in my cap and earn me mega brownie points.
But I think I may just have the very thing to put her in the bestest of moods....she's been hankering after this Kraft Resist Paper Pad from you know who.....

so when an e-mail arrived from  Brenda & David at Craft Obsessions to let us know it was in stock.....I went on the charm offensive and persuaded Dad to have his very first crafty spend online.
And a big thank you from Mum and me to Jeannie for giving us this award
and yes Jeannie I am definitely one versatile blogger
No doubt Mum will be catching up with you all tomorrow.....boring you all to tears with tales from the NEC....which reminds me....I definitely need to go and hunt down those ear defenders.
Big Hugs & Furry Snuggles


  1. Won't be long now Buddy.....really neat paper, too!!

  2. hi Buddy, mum will be home soon. But I am sure she will bring you treats for ordering timmy holtz stuff and recording her programme.

  3. Oh Buddy, you are just adorable!!! Hope your find those ear Your Mum will be over the moon with those papers. Hope she had a great time at the NEC. You and your Dad have a lovely day.

  4. Morning Buddy not long now hope you manage to set record,you will be in the good books if you do.
    Have a good day.
    Kathleen x

  5. Don't go chewing up the paper before she gets the chance to stroke it! And don't worry about the programme-the I player is a wonderful invention!! xx

  6. Hello Buddy - looks like my broadband might be fixed so I can comment again - & do some virtual fur stroking. Well done persuading Dad to do a bit of spending - looks like you hit the jackpot there, I bet he's doing your typing too.
    Why don't you have a snooze before Mum comes home & then get Dad to help you with the video.
    Paula (PEP)

  7. mum'll be home soon Buddy!

    you have done a grand shop manning the fort while she has been gone though!
    love Teen & Co xx

  8. Hi Buddy, what a clever boy to get Dad to buy a nice welcome home present for Mum. I bet you'll both be glad to see her home again. Can't wait to hear what she's been up to at the NEC and all the lovely people she's met down there.

    xx from Kat, Blue and Max.

  9. Aren't you the most clever Buddy! That will def. put Mum in a good mood. Hope you figured out the recorder that would get you megga brownie points.

  10. Is your tail worn out from all that wagging now your Mum's home again Buddy?

    Did you get any sleep last night with all that mega decibel snoring?

    I'm sure you'll catch up with 40 winks later!

    Hugs, Sandra

  11. Hi Buddy, Just wanted to let you and your Dad know that you have done the right thing by buying that new paper pad for your Mum. I picked mine up at our local Archiver's store last week. Goodness, it was just flying off the doubt your Mum will love it too. Take care.


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