Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crafty News

Morning folks...I am currently sitting on some fabulous crafty news that unfortunately I can't share with you just yet but as soon as I get the green light from the lady concerned I will hooting...tooting and shouting from the rooftops....I am so excited.  In the meantime you will just have to settle for a boring old update of cubbyhole news. The crafty production line is in full swing again and how typical that the weather has taken a turn on the sunshiney bright side...well it was bound to happen now that the kiddywinks are back to school....yes we've had 3 whole days in a row of blue skies and it's sod's law that the cubbyhole crew are stuck indoors slaving away with lots of prep...but hey ho someone's got to do it and it looks like my name was drawn out of the hat.  It's BIG GIRL KNICKER TIME again and the reward for all that gritting of teeth and pulling my hair out will be fun times away meeting up with lots of lovely crafty folks....kicking off with...

Harrogate 10 - 11 September
ooh I am so excited...I love this show and missed out going last will be lovely to catch up with crafty and bloggy chums and wooohooo I will be doing 2 workshops for Craftwork Cards with their fabulous new Christmas can find the details HERE...
and it's competition time over at Craftwork Cards Blog ...a chance to win Spellbinders Lacey Circles...
you have until Sunday 21st to get your name in the hat...
and a date for your dairies....tune in to watch the lovely Julie Hickey on...

then it's the mad crafty frenzy that is OCTOBER...
kicking off with our "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" Christmas Workshop on the 1st...guaranteed to be great fun if the last one was anything to go by followed by a workshop on the 15th with lots of lovely crafty girls in Perth and finishing off a busy month....a trip to...
27-30 October
Not working this time round so I will have my Cubbyhole Chief Buyer's hat on and popping down on Thursday for a general nose around and a meet up with crafty buddies....if you want to join the coffee and chat gang...just get in touch. Fiskars have decided not to attend and it may well be a blessing in disguise...because the following week it's...
3-6 November
4 days of Fiskars Workshops
and I think I'm getting a bit long in the tooth now for those 2 day turn arounds...just time to grab some clean knickers and off again.
And before we know it will be the biggest logistical nightmare of them all...
and another year gone...
so no time for sitting around watching TV..the Cranford and Downton Abbey Boxed Sets will be staying in the drawer for the foreseeable future. But before I head into the cubbyhole for another day of crafty's time for my favourite part of the day and a great de-stresser to morning stroll accompanied by The Furry gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness and cubbyhole companion...just a pity he's no good at prep.
Catch up with you all tomorrow with hopefully something remotely resembling a card.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. lots of lovely craft stuff going on in the cubbyhole, i hope it all works out and no rain catches you out on your morning stroll

  2. Morning Kath and Buddy, hope you have had a nice stroll. Very dull here at the moment. Hope your day goes well and you gets lots done. Hugs x ChrisB

  3. Morning Kath, you do like to keep us all in suspense! I suppose I'll just have to put on my big knickers and wait..wo'nt I! ha ha. Enjoy your day in the Cubbyhole. Carolxx

  4. Oh you have me on the edge of my seat...can't wait to hear your exciting news!!x

  5. CAn't wait for our crafty meet up at SECC squeal!! CITED I am x


    Ali x

  6. Looks like you are going to be very busy. :) Enjoy your walk with the lovely Buddy. :)

  7. Woo hoo! I feel tired just reading all that!

    Hugs, Sandra

  8. Hi Kath, enjoy your walkies with Buddy. I'm wondering what your good news is, looking forward to hearing it. My Candi counter was brought out from the back of the cupboard, so here's hoping it still works, I would love those great spellbinders dies.
    Have a lovely day. Laura

  9. Enjoy your day doing all your prep, and my goodness you do have a busy schedule for the next few months, Hope you can catch your breath inbetween. You know it's not right to keep us in such suspense, but will await your news with great anticipation. Hope your sun keeps shining.

  10. Now I wonder where this news is leading............
    not getting to the NEC sadly this year as the Cardiff show is back & my friend who drives (with my misbehaving head currently at around a dozen migraines/month I'd be a very dangerous driver!!!) not too keen on Birmingham distance I shall miss you.
    Certainly sounds like you need to teach Buddy prepping methods but I suppose his claws would mark the cardstock somewhat.
    Hope you've had a good day.
    Paula (PEP)

  11. Sounds like you've got a busy time coming up Kath. Can't wait to hear your exciting news!

    I think my boys wouldn't be any better at helping than Buddy. They've been very naughty while I've been at work today. 2nd time this week they've been in trouble for the same kind of misbehaving. Just when you think they're getting a wee bit better!!!!

    Kat xx

  12. Ooo, You are aweful teasing us like that.
    Hope you had a good day though.

    Kath x

  13. Wow,sounds like a busy time ahead. How will Buddy cope without you? I'm not going to any of those shows but going to Ally Pally in Sep. What a shame, would have loved to say hello. Marianne x


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