Monday, August 29, 2011

A Crafty Tip...

Morning folks....yesterday didn't quite go according to plan...I did manage to have a little play with Andy Skinner's gorgeous Winters Tale Stamp Set....
but I never quite got round to translating it into a card...however I do have a little crafty tip to share.  I love the fence post image and with the use of a black fine liner's easy peasy to add some fence wire...
 it would have been great to have a mirror image to add fencing to the other side of the gate...
 but all is not lost...with a bit of a kachink moment and a pair of sharp scissors cut between each post...
and then you can stamp them separately to complete your fence.
But that was as far as I got....the rest of the day was spent on the sofa lounging around in my be honest feeling a bit below no surprise then that I woke up this morning with a dodgy throat.   Now I have a choice...look out the big girl knickers and get on with the crafty list or crawl back to bed with my furry hot water bottle and have a duvet day. Considering it is blowing a hooley out there with rain lashing against the window the latter option is looking more and more appealing. Catch up with you all tomorrow and fingers crossed the cubbyhole will be once again in production mode.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. aw no, hope you feel better soon - plenty honey and lemon and definitely have a duvet day

  2. Sounds like a duvet day to me, hope you are feeling better soon Kath.

    Hugs Ali x

  3. Oh dear Kath. Take the duvet day and I hope you make a speedy recovery.

    Hugs, Sandra

  4. Looking forward to seeing the finished image Kath, I bet it will be stunning.

    Hope you feel better soon.


    Jo xxxx

  5. Morning Both.Hope you feel better soon.Love your new stamps.
    Have a good day and take care.
    Kathleen x

  6. Now is there really room for you & Buddy under the duvet. Keep warm & take care - Buddy can probably take himself for walkies or drag his Daddy along!
    Love your fence post idea.
    Paula (PEP)

  7. oh poor you Kath..snuggles under the duvet i think after a nice soothing hot lemon drink and 2 paracetamols..

    Can't wait to see this card finished, loving it already

    Sylvia x

  8. A duvet day sounds like a good idea, I might follow suit as I'm not feeling the best either.

    Hope you're feeling better soon


  9. Great idea, Kath! Hope you are having some zzzzz's about now and getting rid of whatever was making you feel bad. Hope to see how this project finishes off!

  10. great idea about the fence post. gorgeous design. Can wait to see it on a card x

  11. Ja także tnę swoje stemple, cieszę się, że nie jestem w tym sama :D

  12. Love how you made the mirror image here with Andy's stamps! Hope you are feeling better real soon Kath!

  13. Thanks for a fab tip Kath, hope you're feeling much better tomorrow! Ruby x

  14. Hope you're feeling better soon Kath - I've got a stinker of a head cold at the moment and I think it's on it's way to the chest so I've booked in with the docs on Wednesday. You take care.

    Love Lynda xxx

  15. I think a duvet day is just what is needed. You take care Kath and hope you feel beter soon.

  16. Hope you've had a nice restful day Kath. Love how you've stamped the rest of the fence.

    Hope you're feeling a bit better. Take care,

    Kat xx

  17. Oh Kath sorry you are not feeling too well. On a really selfish note I hope you get well PDQ can't do with you missing Harrogate.
    Great tip with the stamps.

    Kath x

  18. A toddy a must at bedtime Kath, burn the nasties away! hope things resume to normal soon. Carolxx

  19. Hope you're soon feeling better Kath I don't think our weather is helping you. Love the new stamps. Susan x

  20. Hi Kath...I like the new look to your blog ... Buddy is just so darn adorable! and love what you did with the fence posts and I hope you feel better soon !

  21. def. a fuzzy duvet day! Hope that you are feeling much better.

  22. Hope you are feeling better. Love the new photos of Buddy at on the blog. Hugs to the furry boy. :)