Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's on My Workdesk Wednesday

Morning folks...the reason behind me taking August and September off as holibobs was to get ahead of the game with the prep for the October Workshops and that marathon to beat all marathons the Fiskars Workshop Prep for the NEC and guess what...all those good intentions have gone down the pan....oh yes I've been doing my usual faffing around with stuff that doesn't factor into the scheme of things...that "no deadlines looming" play stuff and while I'm at it...have a huge confession to make. While sorting out the pile of DVD's when the new furniture arrived...I came across the boxed set of Larkrise to Candleford and yes you've guessed right...I've been snuggled up on the sofa most afternoons drinking coffee...stuffing my face... eyes glued to the telly..enjoying it all over again...well what else is a girl supposed to do when it's chucking it down with rain.
Now I've got that off my's time to get back to work but first I just have to join in the fun and play along with Julia and all her lovely crafty cronies over at WOYWW.
So what's planned for today to keep my bum off that sofa...
beware...the top secret boffins are out in carefully edited pics only....
a canvas and some Annie Sloan paints...
 fabric...chipboard and kraft paper and I can't possibly show you the stamps or that would just give the whole game away....
 just an itty bitty sneaky peek...

but if I should feel the need of a change of September DT kit has arrived from The Ribbon Girl ...
and no doubt it is full to bursting with yummy delicious goodies....can I resist the temptation to put the kettle on...sit down and have a little peek.
Thanks everyone for your comments about the Big Red Bus....unfortunately a dream which is unlikely to come sounds idyllic but it was just a bit of wishful thinking...crikey it would probably be a logistical nightmare...think of all the form filling...the permissions and no doubt Mr "Nitty Picky "Health & Safety would be breathing down our necks with his clipboard and pen poised to strike...and let's face it...poor old Cliff just couldn't keep up with "Girls Who Just Want To Have Fun".
Catch up with you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. at least you will be rested for all that crafting to come...
    caroline #19

  2. Not sure what kind of goodie you were eating, but it does sound dandy! Thanks for a peek around today...hope you enjoyed ripping up that pkg and taking a peek!

  3. Faffing around - I wonder if I invented sometimes and it gets you just when you have a zillion things to do! I hope you can get into gear today!
    Thanks for sharing your desk today. Sarah at 2.

  4. Ah, now that's the Kath we know. TFS.

  5. Well Kath, Glad you got to chill out, it is hard not to break out the choccies when you sit to watch TV.

    Can't wait to see what you make with all those goodies, I would have torn that tissue paper of in a flash.
    LOL at the thought of you and Cliff.
    Big Hugs Carolx

  6. Good morning Kath, I understand the faffing around, I am an expert. Your ribbon girl bundle looks exciting, I would have the paper ripped of that to see what was inside. Laura

  7. Your desk looks really exciting. Canvas, paints and other stuff. Look forward to see the results. And this pink packet... looks good!
    Thanks for sharing. Bye, franka

  8. We are so good at creating diversions.... good luck today. Am intrigued about your comment re the big red bus so off to check it out!

  9. Larkrise to Candleford was my one weakness too and am looking forward to
    Downton Abbey starting again soon. Nice green paint and floral fabric on your workdesk today. It has Laura Ashley feel.
    Liz x

  10. Sounds like you were 'vegging out' as my daughter calls my sitting and watching TV cause I don't have the umph it takes to do anything. That is usually when I don't feel so hot so she doesn't push me. Have a great time peaking at that pink package. Vickie

  11. There are always reasons for phaffing etc and I amsure your's will come clear soon!!!
    Don't for get my birdcage swap!!

  12. LOL! For you it may have been DVDs... for me it was my kids computer game- plants vs zombies! as if! The peeks are so tempting! Can't wait to see the big reveal! Thanks for sharing your WOYWW- Amanda

  13. Hi there Kath, well what delicious loveliness hiding in the pretty pink parcel and not showing us - leaving us hanging like that!! do love the teeny bot of lace there on view - happy WOYWW, Shaz in oz.x

  14. Morning Kath . . . naughty step for you if you don't behave!

    Put that remote for the TV down; stop peeking in that pink parcel, grab a strong coffe . . . and . . GET ON WITH YOUR PREP! Hee hee . . . I can be sooooo bossy sometimes! It's for your own good! Ha ha!

    Hugs, Sandra

  15. oh you naughty wifie!!
    if I win the lottery any time soon then we'll definitely do a GJWTHF tour with that bus, and we can even hire a hunky chauffeur :)

  16. I agree about the bus...but what a great dream!! Aren't holidays meant for bobbing about doing what you like..I must say a season of Lark Rise sounds jolly good to me!!

  17. Lol - love the teasing in this post. You were so restrained with your pinky parcel. I'd have ripped it open before I could get on with the day!! Look forward to investigating the contents sometime soon :D xx

  18. It’s good to ‘faff’, that’s what we crafters do best!

    The ribbon parcel looks so inviting, I wonder what’s in it?
    Can’t wait to see, but if it’s as gorgeous as that cream lace you’re going to be a happy bunny……..well you’ll be a happy bunny whatever, I’m sure!

    Happy Crafting!

  19. Nothing like being well rested, I always say! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  20. Oh I wouldn't be able to resist opening that package straight away. Your workspace is very tidy and organised - Hazel WOYWW #65 x

  21. Teasing peeps with sneaky peeks and unwrapped parcels, sounds like you're back to normal, no more sofa days for you! Although I do like Larkrise to Candleford.

    Brenda 80

  22. Nobody could possably work when its raining! The paper would warp anyway!
    At least you should have a lot of energy to pack all that yummyness noe.
    Happy WOYWW

  23. You're a woman after my own heart, I can't think of anything nicer that to site watching the tv of an afternoon (I wish). Hope that you thoroughly enjoyed it.

  24. Your dog is so cute, I just want to snuggle up with him!

  25. This looks thoroughly interesting - especially that lace on the kraft. Now is that a Sir Tim acrylic block I see - have just seen where to get those so might indulge.
    Hope you have a productive day.
    Paula (PEP)

  26. I'm having a quick trip round the WOYWWers before I start on my next batch of little African dresses. It's great to see what you're busy with this week.
    A x

  27. Nothing wrong with having the odd sofa day, especially when it's raining :) Lovely stuff out on your desk this week - that fabric looks yummy. And I'd love to see what's in that ribbon package - how could you tease like that! Elizabeth x #70


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