Monday, August 8, 2011

Off on a Jolly....

Morning the time you are reading this....I will be on my way to the train station with Grandson Brodie for a day out to the Riverside Museum in Glasgow.
Brodie's level of excitement went completely off the scale when I suggested a "just the two of us" trip away and the questions have been coming thick and fast.  "What will I need to pack"...just your rain jacket and a bottle of's only a day trip..."will I need money" is Grandma's treat..."well I could take some money and buy you an ice cream" sweet.  He went into orbit when I said we were taking the train..."I've never been on a proper train"..."where will we be sitting...can I see my ticket long will it take to get there"...and when I mentioned that an attendant comes along the train with a trolley serving coffee and biscuits...his eyes were like saucers and I knew what was coming next..."do you think he'll have crisps".
Chances are the journey is not going to be boring and any chance of a snooze is looking highly unlikely but there is more excitement in store...hopping onto "The Riversider"...door to door bus from the station to the Museum
and no doubt there will be plenty scope for more questions once we get there...
Isn't life wonderful when seen through the eyes of a child.
Catch up with you all tomorrow with a challenge card
Hugs Kath xxx