Friday, August 5, 2011

Woohooo I got a parcel

Hey there all my lovely bloggy buds...guess who...yes it's your bundle of golden deliciousness...I know I've been neglecting you all but I haven't had much spare time..I've been taking my old Mum off on some mammoth long walks...well to let you understand she's been very naughty lately...doing lots of sitting around drinking coffee and stuffing her face with all sorts of goodies so I need to do my bit to keep that ever growing spare tyre in check. I'm beginning to think this holiday thing isn't such a great's a recipe for ending up looking like a roly poly barrel...not that it's a problem for super fit hour or so of chasing those pesky bunnies is a sure fire way of keeping those extra pounds at should try it folks although I'm still trying to persuade she who insists on having just one more biscuit to give it a go.
And talking of treats...a yummy parcel popped through the letterbox the other day just for me...makes a change from all that crafty stuff...
 of course I had to do a bit of a taste test....
big thank you and furry snuggles to my lovely Ribbon Girl buddies Mary and...
 this wee smasher...Haggis
And another little tip for you folks...if you want to avoid visits to the dentist and have super white sparkly teeth just like my buddy Haggis and Me...ditch that silly toothbrush regime and get yourself some chewy doggy treats...they're absolutely yummy.  I'm off to have a power snooze until it's time for another tooth cleaning treat....Mum will be back soon with a little treat for you and no doubt she will be sharing the contents of the latest crafty parcel to arrive in the cubbyhole.
Big Furry Hugs and Snuggles


  1. It was sweet of your friend to send you some goodies, hope your Mum lets you have lots of them!

  2. What a lucky boy you are! Enjoy your treats and well done for taking your Mum on those long walks. Have a super day and lots of hugs. Anesha :)

  3. Enjoy your treat's, well deserved.. Keep looking after your mum and am sure more will drop through that letter box
    Claire x

  4. Hi Buddy , Lily will be round soon with those goodies she has had for ages for you -- it's nana's fault she hasn't been yet

  5. Hee hee . . . must try out that tip for the old gnashers Buddy! Thanks!

    Aren't you a lucky boy getting treats in the post.

    Hugs, Sandra x

  6. parcels are such great fun - enjoy

  7. Hi Haggis is so adorable too and what a cool name ! Enjoy ! Kitty ;0)

  8. It is so adorable. And it is so cool name. I am a new blogger and sometimes find myself caught up in the numbers, but then I remind myself that I am doing this because I really enjoy it.
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  9. Your pal Haggis (Fab name!)looks just like my Shona!

    Hope you enjoyed your Goodies ... does that mean you need to watch your waistline and need extra walks lol!
    Suze x

  10. How lucky are you to get a yummy treat and one that cleans your teeth. Enjoy your day Buddy and Kath.

  11. Looks like you enjoyed that my handsome friend.
    Paula (PEP)

  12. Buddy, go easy on your ole Mum. You are just a kid right now (even if your years are X7). When you get up there to middle age, you will notice that your matabolism will slow down, things will start drooping and sagging somewhat, and you won't be near as chipper as you are now. I think your dear ole Mum is doing wonderfully. So keep up the long walks, enjoy your treats, and stay as sweet as you are. We love you almost as much as your Mum does.

  13. Just love your friend Haggis, Buddy. He is just as noble as you. Thanks also for the dental tip! You just keep on with those long walks keeping the Mam in check!


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