Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where will it end

Morning folks...after a weekend of no's been hard to get back into the groove...I just haven't been in the millions of other decent folks in this country I've been overwhelmed by the mindless violence and utter disrespect for people and property shown by a bunch of mindless morons.  It beggars belief how it was allowed to escalate to the stage that people have lost their and businesses... it should have been nipped in the bud at the first sign of trouble...drafting in the Army with water cannons and rubber bullets to take control back but as usual our Government sat on the fence with their softly softly approach.  I would like to think that they will now step up to the plate and deal with these louts in the harshest possible way and in the case of a minor make their shameful  "poor excuse for a" parent take responsibility for their children's actions but time will tell...I have a sneaky feeling they will be setting up an inquiry as we speak....wasting millions of pounds of taxpayers' money and what do you bet the do-gooders will be out in force along with the Human Rights Brigade.  And the Government can hardly get all high and mighty about morals when they are the ones that created this "GIMME"  greed driven don't need to get a job...the State will provide world we live in by turning a blind eye to the Fat Cats...the Bankers' bonuses and of course their own finger dipping in the till of taxpayers' money...aka MP's expenses.  The police aren't entirely blameless either in helping to create this yobbery many innocent homeowners have been arrested just trying to defend their homes and loved ones from a thieving scumbag...not to mention the fact that they tolerate from a distance all the drunken louts who turn our city centres into no-go areas every Saturday night. It's high time we had a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY in this country for all these low-life scumbags who make ordinary peoples' lives a misery. Violence will never be solved with violence but right this minute I would be sorely tempted to let the Army loose for some target practice.
Rant over and in the mood or not...there's a list of stuff to do on the crafty list...nothing I can share with you yet....only some sneaky peeks of some cards for my class at The Papeterie on the 27th of this month...

Hopefully some more playtime with Hero Arts Christmas will get me back in the crafting mood. Remember you only have until midnight tonight to win the Shadow Box Christmas Kit
Catch up with you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx