Sunday, August 7, 2011

Definitely not slacking....

Morning folks...contrary to what The Furry Boy has been telling you I have definitely not been slacking...neither have I been sitting stuffing my face with goodies...well not all the time...crikey what's the world coming to if you can't have a treat or two on your holidays.
And talking of holidays...I am off on a jolly tomorrow with a very special little fella...we have a bright and early start so he is coming for a sleep over tonight....woohooo I think it may be an evening of snuggled up in our jammies with a cream and popcorn.
In the meantime here are the last minute cards from last week...for another special great nephew who will be 5 soon....crikey where does time just seems like yesterday he was born....
 and in a week and a bit he'll be off to school...
and how different are things nowadays...there's all this phasing in gradually nonsense that has Mums running around like headless chickens...a desk planner in one hand and their degree in logistics in the other.  Funny how memories stick in your mind...I can recall my first day at school as though it were pre-school nurseries in those days so it was a bit of a culture shock to be marched in...plonked at a desk and abandoned to the mercies of what I thought at the time must be the oldest woman on the planet who bore an uncanny resemblance to a witch...minus the nasal warts...Miss Campbell as I recall.  A right old tartar who took no prisoners and showed off her prowess with the belt on the very first this was way before the word tantrum and naughty step jumped into the dictionary and did it leave me traumatised and in need of counselling...NOT A was a sharp lesson that if you don't behave...there are consequences.  Thankfully those days are gone but hey perhaps we've gone too much the other way.
Time for us to set off on one of The Furry Boy's marathon walks and NO I will not be rampaging through the undergrowth in pursuit of any animals with cute cotton wool tails.
Catch up with you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: pop back at 9.30pm when I will be announcing
 my Ribbon Girl Birthday Blog Hop WINNER.


  1. Aaw these are gorgeous cards Kath..he is a lucky little boy!!! X

  2. Great cards, Happy Birthday Ben - enjoy school. Same memories of starting school, my teacher was Miss Proudlock who looked at least 100 and if I did anything she didn't like she wrapped my knuckles with a big wooden ruler! I can still remember the smell of plasticine melting on the mesh grills over the hot pipes that ran around the perimeter of the classroom and the feel of the sticky blue hymn books we used every morning in assembly -and I'm not entirely sure we didn't write on black slates - surely I'm not that old! lol. Mary x

  3. oops so sorry Kath, should have been logged in as me - and sorry Andrea! Mary x

  4. Morning Both.Love your cards Kath.Sorry i've not been on much i am busy decorating.I am just having 5 mins on here.
    Enjoy your day tomorrow.
    Kathleen x

  5. Fantastic card Kath. Have fun on your long walk. Hugs to Buddy. :)

  6. Gorgeous cards Kath. One of my first primary school teachers was a Miss Wallace (all my female primary school teachers were spinsters), hair tied back in a bun at all times and she DID have warts (huge ones which went nearly purple when she was angry - which I recall was quite a lot - NOT AT ME OF COURSE!!!)

    Have a lovely day.


  7. Morning Kath . . . hope you enjoyed your walk with Buddy this morning.

    Definitely agree we've gone too far the other way AND the kids all know they can't be touched or THEY'LL SUE! Grrrrr! Stepping off soapbox now . . .

    Love the cards you've made for your special little fella. Have fun.

    Hugs, Sandra

  8. good morning kath, what a beautiful cards!!!! you have great inspirations!!!!
    xx petra

  9. Hi They are both wonderful ! Really like the second one loads !! I can't remember my first teacher ! but I can remember playing with a board with a
    little lollipop lady lol. I agree we have went too much the other way ! Hope you enjoy your jolly tomorrow ! Kitty ;0)

  10. beautiful cards Kath, and as you know my baby is off to school soon too, it'll be so strange having the whole day to myself
    have a great evening

  11. Hi, Kath lovely cards for Ben. Happy Birthday Ben and enjoy school. My first teacher was Mrs Pheonix and she was really old. Used to dig her knuckles and rings into your back if you talked in class. You only miss behaved once.
    Have a great day Kath. Hugs x ChrisB

  12. Lovely cute cards Kath. Mine was old too, but then when your five we maybe had them a lot older than they were! Have a lovely time with your special little fella. Carolxx

  13. Wise words, my friend, about the changes we've seen....yep, I remember my first day at school too! And I lived through it, loved school all the way through.

    Your little soccer card is so sweet. Enjoy your time with the little one!

  14. Really lovely cards Kath, as usual. Ann.

  15. Lovely cards Kath. Hope Ben isn't too nervous on his big day.

  16. Hi Kath
    two fabulous cards,luv the footballer card, hope you had lovely walk,enjoy ya jolly 2moro,sue,x

  17. Great cards Kath, just perfect for a wee boy.

    My first teacher, Miss Thonmpson, was lovely to all her classes (3 classes in her room) although she could get exasparated at times with some children. Only 3 girls in my class till P6 when we got a new headmaster with a daughter my age. Only a 2 teacher school so teachers knew everyone. And no such people as relief teachers, classroom assistants, PE or Art teachers. Though we did get a music teacher and a sewing/knitting teacher. As you say no fussing about having children being phased in, you just got on with it!

    Kat xx

  18. Fantastic cards as always Kath, love your memories of starting school, we are much to softly softly now. I remember being stood on a slight hump in the playground as the only late entrant after the Easter holidays....and the boy I sat next to had the dirtiest nails I have ever seen to this day! LOL
    Happy crafting,

  19. xLovely card for Ben & aren't kids lucky nowadays.
    I too remember the shock of first day & the old headmistress who was the worst bully, still makes me shudder to remember her.

  20. Two fabulous cards and also a brilliant card for the PBSC.
    I am so totally with you on your comments about school, we were thrown in at the deep end, but we were allowed our childhood, my eldest Grandson is 6 and this past school year he has had so much homework I just couldn't believe it for his age.

    Kath x

  21. The old wisdom is hard to beat - nothing like knowing where your limits are; children don't get a chance to learn what is & isn't done these days. Right - off my bubble bath box........ have alovely day - ice cream & popcorn? hmmm - think I'll settle for a Marmite sandwich.
    Paula (PEP)

  22. Gorgeous cards lovely and bright. I remember my first day at school, my dad had work over in southern Ireland so we moved over there. Where we lived was really really down south and very irish. My mum took me to school on my first day and had to pick me up within 3 hours, they had sent me to an all gailic school, I dont think I will ever forget all the kids and teachers speaking something foreign to me. At first the teacher thought I was rebelling by speaking english. Thank goodness all was sorted I moved school in which I had to travel miles to lol. Kezzy x p.s hope you enjoyed your trip :-)

  23. Both cards are gorgeous!
    hugs Yvonne